American talk show host Oprah Winfrey is returning to Australia for the first time in five years

  An Evening with Oprah will debut at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne on December 2 and will continue in Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney. The multi-city tour will end on December 16 in Auckland. Oprah has promised to share her story and life insights in a one-of-a-kind intimate evening. Every night, up to 15,000 fans will have the chance to enjoy a 90-minute audience in an intimate gathering. Oprah said in a statement she is excited to return to Australia and she cannot wait to be Read more [...]


      BRAND NEW EDITION "What I Didn't Learn At SchoolBut Wish I Had" by Jamie McIntyre           WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: Why generalist skills are more valuable than just specialist skills Why most Australians are failing financially and how not to be one of them The 4 key skills you must master to not only survive, but thrive in any career and how to discover your life purpose Why the current Australian Education system designed Read more [...]

21st Century Travel Pre-Launch Announcement

21st Century Education is offering a select group of our members and friends the chance to join us as we launch 21st Century Travel in 2015. This is a unique opportunity be part of an International revolution in a $7 Trillion industry and one that is being launched in Australia.   ARE YOU LOOKING FOR: • Ridiculously cheap holidays for you and your family? • An internet business as an online travel consultant offering amazing deals and amazing income? • Want to join an amazing Read more [...]

21st Century Education Homestudy – Christmas Special

21st Century Education Homestudy Now ONLY $995 ($3,995 to become a member so $3,000 scholarship for you) "I knew I wanted a better life for me and my family - but I didn't know how. 21st Century Education facilitated the education to expose me to what was possible. Since completing the Homestudy and attending the 4 day seminar, we've structured a company and trust. From there we've bought 3 investment properties around Australia, have started trading options and will slowly develop an internet Read more [...]

Abbott vs. Putin- Why doesn’t Putin confront Abbott at the G20 Summit? by Jamie McIntyre

Australian mainstream media claims Abbott will confront and even shirtfront Putin this month at the G20 Summit in Brisbane, Australia, especially over Russia’s behaviour towards Ukraine. More specifically over it’s alleged role in the shooting down of Flight MH17 and the murder of 298 passengers, including 30 Australians. Maybe Abbott should use some of his puffed up bravado and question President Obama instead, over the U.S’ role in causing such an incident. I mean: Why was the Read more [...]

Buy land not houses, says property millionaire and educator, Jamie McIntyre

Original article by Staff Reporter at 21st Century News Posted on October 9, 2014   “Buying land, not houses I believe is now the most suitable investment strategy”, says millionaire property investor and motivational speaker Jamie McIntyre who heads the 21st Century Education and Media Group of Companies. The Australian Financial Review last week reported that Mr McIntyre and the Reserve Bank Governor Glen Stephens have one thing in common, which is-they both believe inner city Read more [...]

Financial educator Jamie McIntyre wary of high-rise apartments

Original article at 21st Century News Posted on October 4, 2014   Financial educator turned politician Jamie McIntyre doesn’t recommend his clients to invest in high-rise apartments in Melbourne and Sydney. The founder and CEO of 21st Century Group of Companies believes that apartments in both cities “have the makings of a property bubble,” The Australian Financial Review reports. His views are in accordance with RBA governor Glenn Stevens, who warned that the central bank might Read more [...]

Fixing the housing affordability problem in Australia is simple, says Jamie McIntyre

Original article at 21st Century News Posted on October 6, 2014   Fixing the housing affordability problem in Australia is simple, and it isn’t to make it harder for investors to buy, says property millionaire and financial educator turned politician, Jamie McIntyre. All the talk about the Reserve Bank considering further regulation of the lending market to restrict investors from buying property is missing the fundamental reason Australian property prices are so high. I delivered Read more [...]
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