Don’t worry about a possible property crash, you should be more worried about the imminent stock market crash, says leading educator

Leading financial educator and business strategist Jamie McIntyre said the talk regarding the so-called property crash coming is overrated and often pushed by those wanting people to invest predominantly in the stock market via managed funds. McIntyre explained: “The reality is, although prices will slow in Melbourne and Sydney, property prices will continue to grow strongly in other cities such as the Gold Coast. However, what is more likely to happen is a stock market crash. It is way Read more [...]

Do you wish you bought Gold at $200 an ounce, or Australian property when it was 25% of today’s prices, or US Property at 20% of its current value back in 2010 or Bitcoin at $120 or less?

Predictions are a little bit like having an opinion, as everyone is entitled to one. However, when it comes to predicting financial trends that can make one incredibly rich, ANR interviewed best-selling author and life and financial strategist, Jamie McIntyre, on why he is better at predicting future trends than others. ANR: Is it true you told your followers to buy Gold when it was only $200 an ounce and it hit almost $2000 at one stage. Why? JM: Yes, that was early in my career, as Read more [...]

How some investors are turning $100,000 into $500,000 from early stage Property Investing

Many have heard of stock market investors making a killing from pre-IPOs (investing before a company lists on the Stock Market). However, few have heard of investors doing it with real estate. It is a far less common strategy, although one to be considered if you’re fortunate enough to be invited to access it. Of course, we would have all liked to have been an early stage investor in Facebook, Google, Amazon or even Uber or Airbnb amongst others. However, those investments are usually Read more [...]

How to rapidly grow companies from $0 to $1 million, $10 million or even up to $100 million despite major setbacks and brand damage

ANR recently interviewed controversial entrepreneur and best-selling author of “What I Didn’t Learn at School But Wish I Did” and business and life strategist Jamie McIntyre. We wanted his opinion on what he believes it takes to grow companies rapidly in a fast-changing world despite major setbacks most entrepreneurs inevitably face. During his two decades as an entrepreneur, McIntyre has built over a dozen companies, a majority of which generated million dollars plus revenues, several Read more [...]

How To Make Up To $1Million In Annual Income From Airbnb

For those not familiar with Airbnb, it’s one of those new disruptive apps that allows you to list your spare bedroom or entire house for holiday rent on its platform. The concept started when three struggling flat mates wanted to see if anyone would pay to sleep on an air mattress in their lounge room floor less than a decade ago. It turned out, someone was willing to pay $80 a night to do so and the concept was born. Thus, the ‘Air’ in Airbnb was from the air mattress. Today Airbnb Read more [...]

Leading Educator says middle class Australians could escape the rat race and Sydney’s high property prices if they adapt to new technology 

ANR recently interviewed leading educator and self-made millionaire Jamie McIntyre and posed the question- “if you were a middle class Australian living in an expensive city such as Sydney Australia, what would you do to quit a normal 9-5 career and retire to a life of freedom?" McIntyre says, “many middle-class Australians struggling to pay for expensive mortgages in cities such as Sydney are only an app or two away from financial freedom. Most people fail to keep up with technology Read more [...]

We don’t need to spend $10 billion on an inland railway between Melbourne and Brisbane. Instead, we need a Fast Train, says political party founder.

The National Party has managed to convince Malcolm Turnbull to fund the $10 billion inland railway between Melbourne and Brisbane in return for approving the Badgerys Creek airport, Sydney's second airport. However political party founder, Jamie McIntyre who ran against Barnaby Joyce- the Deputy Prime Minister in the 2013 Federal Election says that spending $10 billion on a railway between Melbourne and Brisbane is a waste of money. He said, “it makes more common sense to simply upgrade Read more [...]

A new hot property strategy: Could this simple and effective common-sense strategy turn your house into a cash-flow producing asset?

 According to leading financial educator and property millionaire Jamie McIntyre, simple strategies such as adding a granny flat are quietly making investors solid returns. He said, "often the key to wealth is simple, yet out of the box strategies that add value to an existing asset with low risk. As property is by far the superior asset class for most investors, this strategy combined with new technology that's disrupting the property industry can generate passive cash flow rapidly. “With Read more [...]
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