How this tech duo became billionaires with just $10,000 in start-up funding

Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar started a business with modest beginnings. All they had was a AUD 10,000 credit-card to fund their business when they started it in 2002. The duo were university mates and decided to start a business of their own. The venture soon spread out into a big one. GQ Australia said that during the initial days of the business, the founders conducted business with overseas clients during house parties at a shared terrace in inner-Sydney. However, their modest endeavours Read more [...]

Is losing your job a crisis or an opportunity?

Losing your so-called ‘safe and secure’ job can be a scary process. Naturally it can also cause a lot of anxiety and uncertainty for many, not to mention, financial stress. However, being made redundant can often be a blessing in disguise. A famous Chinese proverb says, "Crisis is opportunity". This proverb effectively reframes our perspective of something that is generally considered negative into something positive. Those who see the positive in situations tend to deal with situations Read more [...]

Follow These 10 Simple Steps by Richard Branson to Become a True Leader

Richard Branson’s leadership skills have been admired by entrepreneurs from all over the world, as he moved from one successful venture to another. The 65 year old has found success in the airline, music, hotel and banking industry. In his latest book entitled, ‘The Virgin Way: Everything I Know About Leadership’, the Virgin Group chairman shares some of the most pertinent skills, which he thinks are essential to becoming a successful leader. Passion – Be passionate about your Read more [...]

Young and old seeking wealthy mentors to fast track their success

It's the age of having a mentor it seems. Whether it is a personal trainer, a life coach, business coach or someone with valuable experience; the idea of having a mentor is becoming increasingly popular.  However, for most finding a good mentor, especially one that will dedicate their time to you can be rather difficult. Also, many mentors may not be able to articulate what made them successful, as often they achieve success by being sub consciously competent, says one leading coach. So. Read more [...]

Fairfax Media’s digital strategy under threat as new competitor ANR’s readership reaches new heights

Fairfax Media's digital strategy is under threat, as new competitor ‘Australian National Review’ is set to overtake Fairfax's Australian Financial Review in website traffic after only 18 months of operation. Fairfax's relentless attacks on its new competitor's CEO hasn't stopped the increasing demand and growth of alternate media news websites. According to Google Analytics as of Wednesday, March 23rd the ANR website traffic has surpassed 500,000 and is expected to reach over 700,000 Read more [...]

Schools failing to teach students work skills of the future

An analysis of job data shows that young job seekers in Australia are not getting the enterprise skills they need for a job. Therefore, despite being technically qualified, youngsters may be found wanting with regard to the skills that employers seek from them. The analysis, which was commissioned by the Foundation for Young Australians, considered 4.2 million job advertisements for three years between 2012 and 2015. The exercise helped analysts identify skills that are most in demand. One Read more [...]

Financial Educator says the hottest property market in Australia for 2016-2018 will be the Gold Coast.

Financial educator Jamie McIntyre who is followed by many is known to have an uncanny knack of picking the timing of markets. He told his followers years ago to buy gold at $200 an ounce before it reached nearly ten times that amount. He also told his followers to buy Bitcoin at $120 before it hit almost ten times the value and US property at the bottom of the market when our dollar was close to $1.10 USD. McIntyre is now saying that the Gold Coast is the best property hotspot for 2016-18, thanks Read more [...]

How to turn your house or car from a liability into a cash-generating asset?

It sounds like a dream. A home that is costing you money to service a monthly mortgage could magically be turned from a monthly liability into a monthly cash flow producing asset. You can do the same with your car as well. This isn’t for everyone, but for many, one way to achieve this is by taking advantage of new technology services that utilise the shared economy. The shared economy is effectively turning a spare bedroom or home or even a car into extra cash by effectively sharing it with Read more [...]
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