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How To Do Well in an Economic Downturn with a 21st Century Education

How to do well in an economic downturn and why those who invested into a financial education years ago are well positioned financially to profit from the Global Crisis. Many uneducated investors may be asking how they can do well in a downturn. However, 21st Century Members who have followed the fundamental financial strategies taught to them at 21st Century over the last decade would be outperforming those who have neglected a financial education. Why?  It's simple.  21st Century Members have Read more [...]


“It is CRUNCH time! It’s now 30 June and the government expects you to lodge your tax return. For some, it is that dreaded time when you have to get down to your accountant, get all your paperwork together, and lodge the darn thing.....Yuck! But at 21st Century Accounting, we don’t see your tax return as a chore. We see it as a wonderful chance to get you LOADED WITH CASH!  If you’re entitled to a refund from the ATO, it’s simple. The sooner you lodge your tax return, the faster you Read more [...]

Obama's Plan To Give More Power For the Fed? Seriously?

More Power For the Fed? Seriously? by Mike Larson   06-26-09 In last week’s Money and Markets column, I gave you a broad outline of the Obama administration’s regulatory reform scheme. This week, I want to zero in on one of its weakest links. I’m talking about the idea of making the Federal Reserve an “uber-regulator,” responsible for managing system-wide risk. First, what in the world is system-wide risk? Well, that’s the risk that interconnected-institutions will drag down Read more [...]

Get Free Tickets Internet & Business Mastery Seminar

If you have ever wanted to START YOUR OWN INTERNET BUSINESS, MAKE MONEY ONLINE or have a new stream of income -you will NOT want to miss this once in a lifetime event... [youtube=] Join us for this extraordinary event before your place vanishes forever Plus for the first time ever, Jamie will teach his business building strategies that enabled him to start a business no-money-down and create millions of dollars in net worth. This includes, how to sell businesses Read more [...]

Jamie McIntyre Think Big: Recession Equals Opportunity If We Let Go of the Fear

Recession equals Opportunity if we let go of the Fear. You may have heard the chinese proverb “crisis is opportunity” This is so true and to overcome a recession we need to see it as the opportunity that it is. As challenging as a recession can be it creates a lot of opportunities for those who are willing to embrace the changing economic environment. The recession has made many including myself to look at our overheads and expenses and eliminate wastage whether in companies or in your personal Read more [...]

Jamie McIntyre Secures Richard Branson’s Endorsement Donating His Time and Books to Speak at High Schools

Best Selling Author of “What I Didn't Learn At School But Wish I Had” and self made millionaire Jamie McIntyre is donating his time and books to speak at High Schools around Australia and secures Richard Branson’s endorsement. Jamie McIntyre whose bestselling book was released in 2004 and has been distributed to over 250,000 people so far and has 7 book titles  in Bookstores currently is making himself available to speak at High Schools around Australia to teach what he believes is an education Read more [...]

Jamie McIntyre Says "Make Australia Post a Government Bank to Compete Against The Big 4 Banks"

Make Australia Post a Government Bank to compete against the big 4 banks. CEO of the 21st Century Group says the Federal Government should immediately move to make Australia Post a Federally Funded Bank to compete against the major 4 banks, especially after CBA  just raised their interest rates. The Government can criticise banks all they want, but they have little to no power to stop them raising rates at will;  not even the Reserve Bank has the power it used to. And because they allowed the Read more [...]

Jamie McIntyre – Think Big

How can you make yourself Recession Proof in this Global Credit Crisis? I was fortunate to have had a millionaire mentor some 15 years ago when I first made a commitment to becoming a self made millionaire before I turned 30. Despite learning many secrets to property investing and business, the one key distinction I learnt and modelled from him was developing multiple income streams. At the time he had approximately 15 different income streams from his varying companies and investments. Ever Read more [...]
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