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21st Century Free DVD Offer For The First 100 People

Jamie McIntyre – Another Australian Property Boom was Triggered

Last week I believe the start of another Australian Property Boom was triggered. So you may ask what happened last week. Last week the unemployment figures came out and they were well below expectations,suggesting the Australian Economy is not falling apart like many overseas economies are  and despite the Global Credit Crisis is doing remarkably well. This combined with historic low interest rates and record high rent yields[ as high as 7% in many capital cities], the only thing that has stopped Read more [...]

The Rules of the Investing Game Have Changed! Says Jamie McIntyre

Recently, I was sharing with a large room of investors my thoughts on the Global Credit Crisis and Recession and what I believe will happen. I've been saying for over a year now, that the world is heading into a serious recession and there’s a 50/50 chance of a depression and a financial crisis on par with the Great Depression, particularly in America. A year ago, people thought I was overly pessimistic. However, those who know me know I'm very much an optimistic person. I believe optimists Read more [...]

Watch Jamie McIntyre’s interview with Richard Branson

Jamie McIntyre interviews Richard Branson at the Virgin Media conference Read more [...]

Watch Jamie McIntyre on Sky Business: Your Money Your Call

Jamie McIntyre on Sky Business your money your call Read more [...]

Jamie McIntyre says, “If You Don’t Become a Self Made Millionaire Within the Next 5 Years l Will Give You 100% of Your Money Back*”

If you don't become a self made millionaire within the next 5 years with 21st century's 5 Year Membership we'll give you 100% of your money back* plus send you to Fiji for a week's holiday for your efforts on us. Why? Because we know for the last 10 years we have helped people retire and become millionaires, that we are prepared to guarantee the results. If you commit to our education otherwise it's free. Absolutely. Hi Jamie, Recently you showed interest in a 21st Century Education Read more [...]

9 Ways To Make Australia a Better Country Starting Right Now by Best Selling Author Jamie McIntyre

1 Make Australia Post a Government Funded Bank to compete against the top four banks and keep them honest. Plus  increases profits for the taxpayer and provides cheaper housing loans for Australians. 2 Eliminate State Governments. Imagine how much we'd save if we eliminated state governments who are hardly necessary. Health , Education and Transport  should be under a national framework run by the Federal Government savings billions and being more effective and efficient . No more state elections Read more [...]

Think and Grow Rich For The 21st Century

Think and grow rich for the 21st Century   This 21st Century edition of this book is a reprint of the Napolean Hill classic best- seller Think and Grow Rich first published in 1937. It has a fascinating new chapter titled ‘Entrepreneurial Success Stories’ about millionaires such as Sir Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates who utilised the power of think and grow rich to create great wealth and chapter summaries by self-made millionaire Jamie McIntyre. Jamie McIntyre recounts how he Read more [...]
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