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Interview with The Sunday Times

Michael Washbourne: Tell me a bit about yourself, how you came to be where you are today, your interest in property. Jamie McIntyre: I5 years ago I was almost bankrupt, $150,000 in debt from a failed telecommunications business and about to give up on my dreams, when I come across my millionaire mentor. He taught me how to become wealthy using many strategies, in particular, real estate. Within less than 5 years, I'd achieved my goal of becoming a self-made millionaire in my 20s. I'd acquired Read more [...]

Who controls the money and financial systems in the world?

Just finished my updated version of my Book “What I Didn't Learn At School But Wish I Had” It hits bookstores at the end of the year but you can access it briefly here for no charge as a valued reader of my blog. Visit and opt in for the free ebook off the home page. I've added 150 pages of new content including an additional chapter on who controls the money and financial systems in the world and how this led to the Global Credit Crash. Note: When I first Read more [...]

Join me for an exclusive 2 day Seminar with Jordan Belfort author of the Wolf of Wall St & 5 Australian Millionaire Share Investors

One Off Event on how to beat the share market in today’s economic climate. Over 2 days be inspired by Jordan’s amazing life story and transformations, the motivational tools for lasting success, behind the scenes insights into wall street, the fine line between ambition and greed, as well as his take on today’s economic climate and much more. Then learn share investment strategies including simple system to trade forex and commodities plus find highly profitable share renting trades, Read more [...]

By Popular Request

Thanks to everyone for the great response to my FREE dvd offer (initially available to the first 100 people but now open to all). Because the response was so good I've opened this up to everyone. So, if you've ever wondered why there are some people who start with nothing and manage to become millionaires I highly recommend watching this dvd. It's free for you!! Enter your postal details at and look out for it to arrive in a few days. Read more [...]
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