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The time has come! All lenders (banks or non-banks) are moving very fast to close the window of low-doc loans in Australia.

Just in the last few days, quite a few significant changes have been announced simultaneously from different lenders.  If you hold one or more low-doc loans, or thinking about purchasing another property using a low-doc loan, you need to know the following: It is getting very difficult, if not impossible, to refinance a low-doc loan at 80%LVR. It is very difficult, and almost impossible for some lenders, to get finance for low-doc loans if you hold the property in a company or a Read more [...]

The next Property Boom may last to 2050

With Australia’s projected population revised by 7 million extra to a projected 35 million by 2050, this means we will need an extra 70,000 homes a year, according to an HIA spokesperson. Australia already has a substantial gap between supply and demand and can't build enough properties to keep up. And the Global Credit Crisis has simply caused this gap to widen, with many Developers unable to get finance to complete existing developments or start new ones. Thus the gap is set to widen Read more [...]

Is the Recession and Global Financial Crisis over?

It’s an interesting question, with no doubt a wide range of opinions. For mine, I think for Australia the answer is yes. We are extremely fortunate we have escaped the worst of the Financial Credit Crisis and with Asia set to return to strong growth and China wanting to suck every mineral out of the ground Australia has, we can ride on the coat tails of prosperity and escape the pain other less fortunate economies will suffer. Still it won't be a rapid recovery, however the Share Market Read more [...]

Join Jamies Facebook FAN PAGE & Win 1 Hour With Jamie

Anyone who join’s Jamie’s facebook fan page up to the first 1000 fans will have the chance to win airfares and accommodation to the Gold Coast* to value of $1000 plus also receive ONE hour financial coaching session personally with Jamie & if you like cars .. Get a ride in Jamie’s Ferrari! All fans will also receive a new audio book of Jamie’s updated first book; ‘What I didn’t learn at school but I wish I had’ which has only been released on Itunes (selling currently for $20US). Read more [...]

Do people in life deserve a second chance and are you naïve to invest into a financial education?

This is an interesting question I pose... And I do so because I believe in most cases people do deserve a second chance. What do you think? I also think the great Australian spirit is all about giving people a go and a second chance to redeem themselves. This is the question I considered when the opportunity arose to have the “Wolf of Wall Street” Jordan Belfort speak at an upcoming 2 day Beating the Stock Market Event in Sydney for 21st Century, Sept 12th and 13th. See Read more [...]

What if I wanted to actually become wealthy in a hurry?

How would I do it? No doubt, this is a common thought many people have at some time or other. Wouldn't it be nice if it was possible to create significant wealth in a short time frame? Perhaps a matter of a few short years, or even less. If it was possible, then how could I get started right away? Firstly, it is possible if using the right strategy or combination of strategies, more importantly. I'm not advocating getting rich quick however, I'm certainly not advocating taking longer Read more [...]

21st Century Global – Jamie Searches For the Perfect Destinations

Egypt is certainly one of my top 10 favorite countries... Could there be an upcoming international 21st Century event held in Egypt - Watch this space!! Read more [...]

Passive Investing Versus Active Investing

Some people think because I'm an educator and strong advocate that others should invest heavily into their financial education like I have done for the last 15 years that I only advocate active investing. By active investing, I mean learning how to do it yourself and not relying on financial planners who usually know little about investing. But it’s not true. I also balance my active investing with some passive investing as well. By passive investing, I mean having someone else manage Read more [...]
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