Monthly Archives: October 2009

Australia’s economic growth into 2050. Our greatest boom period to date ?

It’s an interesting question and one I'd suggest is highly probable that yes, Australia is headed for an economic boom over the next 40 years to 2050, larger than what we've seen ever before. Read more [...]

Shocking expose, you’re being robbed !

This is a good article regarding the Crisis that America faces and its falling dollar. It’s been coming for a long time and I've often said I feel sorry for the average US tax payer as they have been getting robbed for some time and only now are starting to realise it. I first wrote about this in my book over 5 years ago. In the past though the Credit Crisis, which really is a US created crisis that infected the world, has caused such negative sentiment it sent economies into recession often just by the fear created by the Credit Crisis. Read more [...]

Listen to Jamie McIntyre’s Interview with 2gb Wake Up Sydney

Jamie McIntyre in an interview on 2GB Radio Read more [...]

Is the Reserve Bank crazy for raising Interest Rates ?

Personally, I can't believe they did. I mean the recovery is barely underway and with the US still likely to suffer a double dip recession, wouldn't it make sense to at least let the Australian economic recovery get past a crawling speed before slamming on the brakes again? Is it not somewhat premature even to think the recovery is even sustainable? I appreciate the Reserve Bank is worried the Property Market is going to take off and create a bubble, which I agree is a valid concern, however Read more [...]

Press Release :- Best Selling Author is willing to donate 100,000 books to schools

Best Selling Author is willing to donate 100,000 books to schools to improve the real life education skills of our teenagers, as he says our school system is still in the 19th Century and failing our youth of today. Read more [...]
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