Monthly Archives: April 2010

Financial Advisers to Lose Commissions

Maybe the 10 years of lobbying for changes in the financial planning industry is now starting to pay off. A new law is required to ensure that "Financial Planners" put their clients interests ahead of their own. It's sad that a law is required for this to occur, however it should start an improvement in an industry I'm not a fan of. Jamie McIntyre CEO 21st Century Education Here's the story: Financial Advisers to Lose Commissions No more kickbacks: The Government Read more [...]

Lack of Leadership and the Victorian Bush Fires

Last year in this blog I wrote a rather damning article regarding the incompetent response to the Victorian bush fires, you may recall that I called for those in charged to be sacked. Well it seems that  some of the incompetent bureaucrats may finally be held responsible for all of their various short-comings and responsibilities. A recent article posted in the Herald Sun is calling for the resignation of Police Commissioner Christine Nixon, and I couldn?t possible agree more. I question Read more [...]

The Future of Australian Property Prices

So what is behind today’s, seemingly irrational, property price growth rather than the ideal, steady and consistent rise in values? Read more [...]

21st Century Youth Summit Video

New Video for 21st Century Youth Summit Read more [...]

21st Century Youth Summits

Why am I donating up to $500,000 this year and next to empower the youth of Australia? The reason is three fold. First, I believe strongly in the value of a proper education, one which includes financial literacy. Second, I believe in the youth of Australia. Third, I wish that financial literacy was taught in all Australian schools. And despite my lobbying of the Australian government for the last 11 years to ensure that financial literacy is taught in schools, I'm afraid that government Read more [...]
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