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How to solve the illegal boat arrivals and the concern over large population growth in Australia in one go? And 1000 Scholarships to 21st Century Education

Unfortunately during one of the most boring election campaigns currently that I can recall to date, the media and both political parties will exploit the irrational fear Australians have over illegal immigrants arriving by boat to our shores. Why do I say irrational? It’s because Australia compared to the rest of the world receives such a small quota of illegal immigrants it’s hardly a problem of any significance that will cause Australians any major concern. I mean the UK has 100 times Read more [...]

Why do Australians tolerate incompetent Governments and US double recession is coming whether we like it or not?

The following article highlights the disaster that awaits the US economy and the likelihood of a severe double dip recession in the US and how this may affect Australia. If only Australia had a government that didn't waste so much money and get our nation into ridiculous debt levels. A government that is also likely to be re-elected despite their insistence on wastage and high debt levels to buy votes then Australia could avoid the financial pain that will hit the US and rest of the world completely. Unfortunately Read more [...]

Property to keep on booming, says expert

Property to keep on booming, says expert SIMON JOHANSON July 24, 2010 COMMERCIAL property rents will double and residential property prices will rise by up to 40 per cent during the next four to five years, a respected economist said yesterday in a bullish forecast for the Australian economy. BIS Shrapnel's chief economist, Dr Frank Gelber, who was speaking in Melbourne at a Real Estate Institute of Victoria lunch, said the global financial crisis had done the Australian economy a Read more [...]

Double Dip Recession coming in the US

Below is further confirmation of the troubled US economy and the impact it could have on the US share market decline. I personally believe those that have developed new skills such as forex trading an eminis trading and share renting with insurance in place will be in a better position to profit from the coming International turmoil. Those who haven't learnt these skill sets must understand and be implementing insurance strategies we teach and the many other strategies to profit from declining Read more [...]

Antartica Adventure Video

Nine MSN’s  show  “Getaway” featuring members of 21st Century Academy

One of my farms in the Northern NSW

One of my farms  in the northern NSW received a write up in the Land Newspaper recently.

Its run by one of my brothers. 3 of my brothers manage a farm each for me and have become part owners.It’s a great escape from city life.


Double-Dip Recession Warning Signs Everywhere!

As mentioned sometime ago I believe the US and possibly the world economy is headed for a double dip recession. The US has been on financial steroids to try and pump life back into it but the patient isn't responding. Meaning its economy is likely to tank again. The below article is worth reading as it adds weight to those that believe the worst of the credit crisis could be yet to come. Australia will of course continue to fare better than the rest of the world but we are exposed because the Read more [...]

15 Ways Julia Gillard Can Improve Australia, If You’re Listening.

Hi Julia, Firstly congratulations on becoming Australia's first female Prime Minister. To avoid becoming one of the shortest term Prime Ministers I've suggested some ideas that could improve our Country if you are open to  listening. 1. Dump the Super tax on miners. It’s pretty obvious Rudd’s refusal to listen re this was one reason he is no longer Prime Minister. It has caused massive damage to our country internationally already and only the quick removal will hopefully enable Read more [...]
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