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Why is mainstream media always behind in knowing the likely double dip recession is coming or didn’t see the Global Credit Crisis

If you've been following my blog you'd know I've been predicting a double dip recession in the US and possibly globally, for some time. I've also been predicting the US Share market will continue to decline as it is overvalued and I expect a significant drop before November 2010. Plus, I've also predicted the US Property Market has not yet bottomed. I also predicted sometime ago, re the recent Property Boom In Australia, over a year before it occurred - when the media was suggesting a Property Read more [...]

Why have political parties at all?

I'm wondering if I'm the only Australian who is starting to recognise that we have reached the use by date of our current political system and maybe its time for an overhaul. I'm sure it is not the worst system (for now) however, with all the technology that exists today, isn't it time to come up with a far more improved, effective, transparent political system, that engages the population on a much deeper level and enables greater passionate participation. This election has only highlighted Read more [...]

Do we really need another election?

Do we really need another election to decide who will govern Australia? If either of the major parties cannot form a minority agreement, then it is likely we will be heading for another election very shortly. So for those who are annoyed by an election every 3 years, get ready for another one! Even if a minority government is formed within weeks, another election is likely within 12 months. Is this really necessary? Shouldn't the Governor General simply rule, that because the election Read more [...]

Australia: A Nation in Limbo, Or Is It?

With such a close election it appears Australia is headed for a Hung Parliament. One could attach a meaning that Australians weren't really sure who they wanted elected and thus haven't been able to decide. However if we look at the numbers and facts more closely this isn't the case. Australians have significantly voted in favour of the Coalition and a major swing against labor especially in QLD, NSW and WA. Out of 8.4million that voted 400,000 more voted for the coalition being 44% of Read more [...]

Why the Australian Education System is failing and What We Can Do About It.

The frustrating thing when look looking at possible ways to improve this great country is the number of practical, effective, results driven solutions that could completely transform Australia but just aren’t being utilized. In this instance, our outdated and largely ineffectual educational system doesn't require money in order to improve. Governments like to pledge money to projects as it looks like their doing something productive, however I'd rather see things actually achieved than seeing Read more [...]

Harry Dent Economic Predictions

Hi Faith, Harry Dent has a good track record. His predictions are highly probable. I'd suggest it may happen slightly sooner or at least a continued decline before November. The US Stock Market is already in trouble and will be under continued pressure from the latest economic news and the reality that the  so called recovery in the US wasn't really a recovery at all. The US Federal Reserve can do little to stop it as interest rates are already zero and quantitative easing policies haven't Read more [...]

The Federal Government is trying to fool Australians that it was its good economic management that saved Australia from the GFC to get your vote?

I don't wish to get political however I do detest deception and Ms Gillard and Wayne Swan should check their facts or never have joined the labour party in the first place if they wish to convince Australians somehow they are good economic managers. As I predicted sometime ago ie over 18 months ago  its highly likely the US will head into a double dip recession which is now becoming widely reported in mainstream media in recent days that the  US economy is in real trouble again. Because of Read more [...]

Wealthy Australians on the rise, says self made millionaire and educator Jamie McIntyre CEO of 21st Century Education

If you are not a self-made millionaire yet then here is some good news,says self-made millionaire and educator Jamie McIntyre. The latest statistics released and reported in the Australian Financial Review on 26 June 2008 highlight the number of wealthy Australians surging by 11,000 in 2007 to a total of 172,000. Despite souring economic conditions rich people across the world managed to overcome these conditions and add to their wealth. Even with the disruption in global markets, Australia Read more [...]
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