Monthly Archives: October 2010

A Great Time to Buy Real Estate in the USA

I agree with the article below that now is a great time to buy US Real Estate. With our high Australian Dollar and low US Property Prices Australians can handsomely profit from the US Property Market. We will be running US Property Workshops shortly plus at upcoming events starting next weekend 6th 7th Brisbane  Property Direct Events and our 4 Day Education for Life Seminars well be teaching these new strategies. Visit Some questions investors may have Read more [...]

You have to own your own business to become wealthy; Right or Wrong?

There is a myth that you have to be in business for yourself to become wealthy. I actually used to believe this to be true as well. However it’s not the case. Kerry Packer when he was alive was often annoyed that some of his executives in his companies were buying up houses in his same street. You see 100 years ago the owners of successful companies were rich. The managers were not so much. These days however many top managers and executives make more than the owners. I know that to be Read more [...]

Jamie wants to hear your success story and send you to the Caribbean for an all expense paid cruise

To qualify for free flights and accommodation to meet Jamie McIntyre in person, and potentially be interviewed by Jamie, please send us your success story no matter how big or small. We will be selecting many of you to be flown to meet Jamie and share your story so in turn your success can inspire others to gain a 21st Century Education too. Plus one lucky person will be selected, all expenses paid to come on the 21st Century Caribbean Cruise Jan 8th to 15th To read all about this cruise Read more [...]

US Dollar Plunging Again

Where is the Australian Dollar Heading? It will continue to climb against the US Dollar and go above parity. Long Term the US dollar is in serious decline as predicted and currently it's in a forced devaluation forming the start of what many label a 'currency war' beginning. It doesn't mean our dollar won't fluctuate, however long term, the US Dollar is in trouble. It means as I and others start moving into buying up US assets on the cheap, thanks to our strong dollar, things are getting Read more [...]

Do we really need to waste $43Billion on a National Broadband?

I think we need a proper debate before the Labor Party commits to wasting more of our tax payer money on a National Broadband System that is yet to justify the return for the massive outlay. Personally I just don't see why tax payer money should be wasted on a Broadband network so households will be able to download movies and video games faster. What will the actual return on investment be? I can see a better return on investing into infrastructure to ship our exports from the country. This Read more [...]
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