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Considering the criminalisation of drugs has been such a resounding failure; is it time Australia decriminalised drugs?

Doing the same thing over and over again yet expecting a different result we all know is the definition of insanity. However Australia's current and continued criminalisation approach to drugs as a way to deter and reduce drug use and crime is and has been a consistent, expensive failure. Therefore, there is a growing argument from many top legal minds in this country to decriminalise drug use as a more effective way to combat the ever growing drug problem in our society. Often the solution Read more [...]

Baby boomers should use some of their equity in their homes to rent shares for the benefit of our country. Plus they could replace their income in the process by helping out their country

Baby Boomers should use some of their equity in their home to rent shares for the benefit of the country. Many could replace or supplement their income in the process; however they shouldn't retire just yet. Why? Because Australia has an imbalance from excess money tied up in non productive assets such as housing and not enough productive investment into Australian Companies to expand productivity and employment for the economy. Did you know that only 30% of Australian homes even have Read more [...]

Want to work for a 21st Century Company?

Want to work for a 21st Century Company? 21st Century is looking for coaches in the following area to work directly with our clients preferably working from Melbourne Head Office and at our educational events around the country! We require: Financial Coaches Preferably looking for people already licensed in Financial Planning that have a passion to help reshape the financial planning industry by being a Financial Coach that can deliver much more value to clients than the financial planning Read more [...]

Making wishes come true for Correy and Brodie at today’s make a wish charity race day with 21st Century Education race team

Making a wish interview with Correy

Some feedback from Auckland school on the first ever 21st Century Youth Summit Held in Auckland last month

Some feedback from Auckland school on the first ever 21st Century Youth Summit Held in Auckland last month. These events are held free of charge as part of 21st Century's commitment to making a modern day education for life available to as many youth as possible because of our belief that this type of education should be taught at school. See for free events coming up in 2011. Suitable for 13 to 21 year olds, parents and teachers welcome Sponsorship opportunities Read more [...]

A nice message from a 21st Century Member

Hi Jamie, My husband received 2 guest passes to the 4 day on the Gold Coast. Know one he knows wanted to go so he put them in the bin. I fished them out. We went to a Variety Bash auction fund raiser. I remembered the tickets and said that we had them. They sold and raised $150 at the Auction for the Variety fund raiser and a very happy couple are coming to the 4 day with us. This was the same night you put your post up about the $15000 you raised.  Plus because of you there was another $150 going Read more [...]

Answers to Questions for John the 21st Century 78 year old Member making $40,000 a month

Some of you may recall watching the interview I did with John recently. If not go to I recently did a more in depth interview in Sydney at the 4 day Education for life on stage with John. He went into a lot more detail of specifically how he did it. This will be made available specifically to those whom are attending upcoming 4 day education for life events or by emailing Here are some of the typical responses or questions Read more [...]
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