Monthly Archives: December 2010

Aussies Shop for Cheap US Homes

Vincent Selleck, whose Sydney-based 888 US Real Estate started finding foreclosed US homes a year ago for Australian investors, received almost half of all inquiries in the last two months. "We've been swamped since the Australian dollar reached parity with the US dollar," said Selleck, 52, who handled 1,300 queries in the last 12 months, more than 530 of them in the past two. "At the beginning, people were quite sceptical. In the past two months, the spike we've seen is incredible." Selleck Read more [...]

The Global Debt Trap

THE GLOBAL DEBT TRAP How to Escape the Danger and Build a Fortune by Claus Vogt and co-author Roland Leuschel The Dangers Now Coming to a Head Nearly every advanced industrial nation on the planet is ensnared in the greatest debt trap of all time. The debt trap is not a far-off danger that we can worry about some other day. Nor is it merely a concern for armchair theorists. Quite the contrary, the debts are so large, so widespread, and so deeply entrenched around the world that Read more [...]

Why I’m Passionate about providing a modern day 21st Century Education for life

The Challenges our Children face with the Education system today A recent study has inspired me to share some facts with you about the education system today. It's another reason why I'm passionate about providing a modern day 21st Century Education for life. go to: for more information. (The 21st Century Scholarship includes all benefits of a fully paid Membership except the Homestudy is delivered online. Yours in Wealth & Prosperity, Jamie Read more [...]

I’m going to attempt to bribe you to help me help those less fortunate by raising $1 Million for charity

I want to raise $1million dollars for my Charity Partners so I'm going to attempt to bribe you to help me help those less fortunate. Yes it’s true This is an outright bribe of $4995 each to a maximum of 1000 people who will help me raise $1million for my Charity Partners So what do I mean? And what's in it for you? Well recently I've been helping Charities such as Make a Wish Foundation and the Breast Cancer Foundation, amongst other worthwhile causes, raise much needed funds. In Read more [...]

I agree with the Reserve Bank Governor Glenn Stephens regarding the need for Australia to have a Stabilisation Fund

I couldn't agree more with Reserve Bank Governor, Glenn Stephens regarding the need for our Government to put the excess of large incomes that have been created from the, once in a 100 Year, Mining Boom into a fund. He refers to it as a stabilisation fund. If you've read my previous blogs on this matter you will see I've been lobbying for such a fund for the last decade; also known as a Sovereign Wealth Fund which countries such as Dubai and Norway, who have large resources that won't last Read more [...]
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