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An Interview With Jamie McIntyre -by Casey Evans

Casey Evans, A Life Coach from the Gold Coast, was enthusiastically encouraged by her brother Evan, to watch Jamie McIntyre's DVD and read his Book "What I didn't Learn at School but Wish I had". She was immediately inspired and decided to put Jamie McIntyre on her "wish list" of people to Interview. Casey contacted us (21st Century Education), and we invited her to spend the evening interviewing Jamie McIntyre at the 4 day Education for Life seminar in Brisbane which she attended for free. We Read more [...]

Australians Need To Decide If They Want High Immigration Or Higher Taxes…

Australia is facing a major financial crisis if it doesn't radically take action to solve the pending time bomb of baby boomers retiring and the financial black hole this will create. If you’re not aware, Baby Boomers are those born from 1946 to around 1964. They represent a large proportion of Australia’s population as a result of the Baby Boom that occurred after World War 2. A lot of Baby Boomers are now nearing retirement and as many don't have sufficient funds for retirement, due to Read more [...]

“After 10 Years Of Constant Lobbying, Main Stream Media are FINALLY Agreeing With Me and Warning Consumers to be Wary of Financial Planners” -Jamie McIntyre

Finally! After 10 years of constant lobbying and warning consumers to be wary of Financial Planners – because the majority are neither successful investors themselves, nor have a PhD in results –it’s great to see the main stream media now agreeing with my stance. The Australian Financial Review published an article last week (Click Here: 'Days training ... and you’re a financial planner' to read the article) slamming the industry. What they uncover is nothing short of shocking. The article Read more [...]

Australia needs a new large Dubai type city built

I believe Australia needs to build a new big city. One with a vision the size of the Dubai city project. This new city should be built in North Western Australia. That way it’s close to Asia and close to the mining region, which really is the wealth of Australia. There’s already plenty of water in the region, ample jobs and the ability to have its own food basin. It would only be a short flight to Bali, Darwin or Singapore and it would provide Western Australia with another major city Read more [...]
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