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How To Improve The Property Prices In Australia’s 6th Largest City

To improve our country, we need fresh ideas that can be acted upon. One such idea is the “fast train system”. There are a number of locations across Australia where a fast train system (just like Japan has) would be ideal. For years they’ve talked about implementing a fast train from Canberra to Sydney. However a fast train from the Gold Coast (Australia’s 6th largest city and the largest non-capital city) to Brisbane CBD would have a huge impact, taking a lot of traffic off the busy Read more [...]

Get Set For The Australian Dollar To Go To $1.30

For those of you who are long term subscribers and friends, if you had been following my blog last year, you would have noticed I predicted the dollar to go to at least $1.10 when it was in the 90 cent range. Well that time has finally arrived, with the AUD/USD hitting a $1.10 a week ago. Now it's likely to go even higher in the long term despite the pull back to $1.05 Why? Well the obvious reason is the falling U.S. Dollar The world is figuring out that you can't just can't continue Read more [...]

Where Should I Invest?

I get asked this question a lot – so I thought I’d take some time out to sit down and write a post about it. My initial answer when asked “Jamie, where should I invest?” is “Into your financial education!” After all, that’s what I did in order to become a I definitely know it works. It’s important to know that a single idea, a single piece of knowledge that will serve you for life, is worth far more than the initial few thousand dollar outlay you need Read more [...]

What Will Happen To The Australian Property Market? -Jamie McIntyre’s Thoughts Jamie McIntyre shares his thoughts on what will happen to the Australian Property Market, and what he believes are the best ways to deal with the changes to create even more wealth. To learn about the Land investing strategy Jamie uses go here:   Yours in Health, Wealth & Prosperity Jamie McIntyre CEO of 21st Century Education   Read more [...]
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