Monthly Archives: September 2011

Eric Bailey spills his fashion tips and tricks for the 21st Century Financial Education Summit with Jamie McIntyre

Sir Richard Branson is obviously a very important man and it would only be right to be looking our very best when we see him in Melbourne next month at the 21st Century Financial Education Summit! Check out our latest video at Godwin Charli in Chapel St, Melbourne with the one and only Mr Eric Bailey to get fitted for 21st Century 's biggest and most exciting event yet! Sir Richard Branson, Eric Bailey and myself (plus loads more of the world's most successful entrepreneurs) will be appearing Read more [...]

Jamie McIntyre and The Apprentice host, Mark Bouris

Caught up with The Apprentice host Mark Bouris with my friend Max and invited him to speak at some of our 21st Century events. Check out our upcoming events at Read more [...]

“Some 21st Century US Property Members make 13% within less than 2 months on US Property..” – Jamie McIntyre

Jamie McIntyre discusses the US Property Market: Congrats to 21st Century US Property Members who have been investing into US Property, especially those who bought when the Australian dollar was around $1.10. With the dollar dropping back to 97 cents that's an approximate 13 % gain. Buying US Property is also effectively a Forex trade. One doesn't need the value of US Properties to grow to make money. Apart from the 10 to 25% net rental gains available that can repay the cost of your Read more [...]

“Jamie McIntyre, fighting the good fight” by Iain Hall

"Jamie McIntyre is taking Google to court to find the identity of the internet nobodies who assail him all to make the online world a more civil place." Posted on September 24, 2011 by Iain Hall.  Source: Being a bit controversial or outspoken online can sometimes be risky, especially if you upset a few  obsessives who hide behind a mask of electronic anonymity to attack you. I’ve had to put up with a few of Read more [...]

Eric Bailey to play host at the Financial Education Summit; featuring Sir Richard Branson, Tim Ferriss, Jamie McIntyre and many more

By Rishi Khalsa, on Thursday 22nd September 2011, on California native Eric Bailey will play host to an educational summit on success on October 21 and 22, featuring prominent entrepreneurs, [such as Sir Richard Branson, Tim Ferriss, Jamie McIntyre], who aim to bring their expertise into the hands of aspiring businessmen.   Situated in Melbourne, Australia, the 21st Century Financial Education Summit will showcase Read more [...]

World’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs arrive in Melbourne next month! 21st Century Financial Education Summit with Jamie McIntyre, Sir Richard Branson and dozens more

Sir Richard Branson, Tim Ferriss, Jamie McIntyre, industry Rockstars Jeff & Kane are only a few of the speakers that will be in Melbourne in only 4 weeks for the Financial Education Summit! Posted on September 22, 2011 by Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group and highly successful entrepreneur, Tim Ferriss, author of New York Times #1 bestsellers ‘The 4-Hour Workweek’ and ‘The 4-Hour Body’, and Founder, CEO of the event and Author Read more [...]

21st Century Education and Jamie McIntyre’s Latest Success Story

Jamie McIntyre & 21st Century Academy. My Story To Wealth Creation! Original article by Adriana Guistra from Like others growing up, I was instilled with the philosophy (through my parents), that in order to make a lot of money I had to get a good education, a high paying job and then save my way to the millionaire rich list. I didn’t believe there were any other possibilities, so I just followed on through life with this self belief - searching for my high paying Read more [...]

How to Reduce the Illegal Immigrant Problem and Raise Billions for Australia – By Jamie McIntyre

Jamie McIntyre discusses how to reduce the Illegal Immigrant Problem and therefore Raise Billions for Australia. It is estimated that each year four million people are trafficked or smuggled, with the value of this criminal trade being approximately $10 billion per year. Apparently illegal immigrants are paying people smugglers as much as $60,000 each to be smuggled through Australian borders. The fee often represents the asylum seekers life savings or those of their entire family, or even consists Read more [...]
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