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Retirement advice falls short: ASIC

It's good to see ASIC is finally discovering that Financial Planners are largely commission driven sales people giving poor quality advice. Something I believe I've been highlighting around the country for some 13 years. And why more and more Australians need a qualified Financial Education taught by those with a PhD in results. Jamie McIntyre CEO of 21st Century Education Retirement advice falls short: ASIC Original article by Duncan Hughes from AFR A confidential survey by the corporate Read more [...]

The changing values of home finance

How to buy property without borrowing a cent? It is becoming hard for home buyers to get loans. Many sales have been falling over due to many buyers not being able to get finance. Due to both valuers undervaluing home prices to avoid being sued by banks (or according to the Financial Review because banks are pressuring valuers to lower values) and due to banks making lending criteria stricter. My suggestion is to buy real estate without the banks and build a property portfolio debt free. Own Read more [...]

More Ways To Improve Australia by Jamie McIntyre

1. We need a pro-business government, not a pro-Union government Business is the engine room for innovation and job creation, whereas Unionism tends to stifle productivity and cost jobs in the long run. Currently we have a pro-Union controlled government, despite Unions only representing 14% of Australians… and those ones often poorly. Which causes: poor labour productivity, industrial disputes, and leads to a lack of competitiveness globally in Union-dominant industries like manufacturing, Read more [...]

China’s growth story not over yet

After spending time in China I also remain very bullish on China. It still has huge growth prospects which is why I believe Australia can boom to at least 2050 and beyond. If we had a more competent Government we would outperform. Jamie McIntyre CEO of 21st Century Education China's growth story not over yet By Andrew Main, Original Article from The Australian IF you're betting that the China slowdown is a harbinger of disaster, you're in for a nasty surprise, according to a French analyst Read more [...]

Australia’s #1 Property Hot Spot – Some Statistics

Ravenswood house plan Original article by Anthony Radford and image from Bendigo Weekly   BENDIGO’S residential Strategy will be reviewed because of greater than expected growth. The State Government has announced a grant of $50,000 to carry out the review. The review is needed because, according to the State Government, 40 per cent of the forecast growth between 2006 and 2031 had already been realised. Regional Development Parliamentary Secretary Damian Drum made the announcement this Read more [...]

An interesting thought by Jamie McIntyre

If the world had 75% females and only 25% men civilisation would continue unabated and be an even safer place. However if the ratio was reversed to a point of 75% men and only 25% females, civilisation as we know it would be likely to come crashing down and become a very dangerous place especially for women. Fortunately such an occurrence is unlikely; however China and India are both in growing danger of a gender imbalance. With a strong preference for male babies so that they can better Read more [...]

Gina Rinehart on track to become possibly the wealthiest person on the planet

Gina Rinehart with estimated net worth of $20.4billion is now Asia's wealthiest woman. And on track to become possibly the wealthiest person on the planet with her assets set to jump significantly again. Jamie McIntyre CEO of 21st Century Education Gina Rinehart’s now worth $20 billion – and her hard work’s just started Original article from SmartCompany Last June SmartCompany ran an opinion piece by veteran Perth mining writer and Gina Rinehart watcher Tim Treadgold, arguing Read more [...]

Should Women be in upper management positions in Australian companies? by Jamie McIntyre

The Government has asked for ideas on how to increase more female positions in upper management, as despite the equality in working conditions the upper echelons of management positions in Australian companies are still heavily dominated by men. At 21st Century we have been a leading example of the promotion of females to upper management positions with currently 9 of 15 managers in the Group being female. In the past it's been even higher, along with the majority of staff being female. The Read more [...]
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