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Unions Leaders Lose the Plot and are Destroying our Country by Jamie McIntyre

Some people just suspected unions were damaging our country… …Now there’s blatant evidence their dangerous socialist rhetoric is not imagined but real. Remember these are the unelected individuals that decide who our Prime Minister is, dictate the Labor Party, and make a mockery of the so-called “democratic” country we’re meant to live in. Even former Labor leader Mark Latham said on Sky News Channel recently (I’m paraphrasing): “People don't realise it but the Labor Party Read more [...]

How To Turn Bankrupt Greece Around And Put It On A Path To Prosperity… by Jamie McIntyre

How To Turn Bankrupt Greece Around And Put It On A Path To Prosperity… And How The Same Solutions Turned My Life From Almost Bankrupt To Self-Made Millionaire by Jamie McIntyre Turning my own finances around from bankrupt to self-made millionaire in my twenties gave me invaluable insight into what it takes to create financial miracles. And Greece, it would seem, needs a financial miracle… …Or basic common sense and to make some hard decisions. Because individual finances are not that Read more [...]

The Hard Facts of China’s Carbon Emissions

China Consumes 47 percent of the world's coal Should that be C(hina)O2? Did you know it is estimated China's carbon output will rise 70% by 2020? Check out the following extraordinary facts about a country that is already the world's largest carbon dioxide emitter. It makes you question Australia's carbon tax, which will increase our cost of living and decrease manufacturers competitivity, while countries like China are surging ahead with massive consumption. Jamie McIntyre CEO 21st Century Education   Original Article and Read more [...]

Konrad Bobilak Discusses the ‘Real Estate Academy’

Low points in the market can be a great time to buy. When we are asked, ‘Is it risky?’ – we reply yes but the risk isn’t in the market – it is with the investor. Is it time to increase your awareness?

Watch a short video about our 3 day ‘Real Estate Academy’ event to learn the ‘blueprint’ of building a property portfolio. This is a ‘content rich’ event and places are filling up fast!

Bendigo Housing Values on the Rise

Bendigo's land value is on the rise having increased by 21% in the last year. My property partners and I are pleased with the results as we identified Bendigo as a hot property spot a few years back. I then arranged for some 21st Century Members to join us in buying up Bendigo and our members are already happily banking their profits! Jamie McIntyre CEO 21st Century Education Bendigo Housing Values on the Rise Original Article by the ABC "Figures released by the Bendigo council Read more [...]

Meet The 10 Billionaires Of The Facebook IPO

Chris Hughes Facebook Co-Founder 10 billionaires were created last week as Facebook stocks went on sale for $38 per share. The Facebook billionaires include Chris Hughes, who is speaking in Australia for the first time, at the Brisbane 21st Century Financial Education Summit this September. Reserve your seat now and discover the secrets to success from Chris and a whole lot of other world-renowned entrepreneurs from just $127 (for a limited time) at Jamie McIntyre CEO of 21st Century Education Meet Read more [...]

Facebook IPO Makes Zuckerberg Richer Than Google Founders

Facebook Co-founder Chris Hughes is on track to become another Facebook billionaire with his current shareholding estimated to be worth $836 million at $38 IPO listing price. On top of this it is estimated he has holdings off over $100 million in cash and real estate. He recently acquired "New Republic" Magazine for around $5million as well as founded the non-profit social network organisation which "aims to help people find ways to help the world." Chris will become the first Facebook Co Read more [...]

Facebook ‘most valuable company ever’

My expectations of Facebook shares is they will rise after the IPO in the short term. Ie. they will trade above what fundamentals will suggest due to sheer demand of people wanting to own a slice of Facebook. Medium term I'm not so confident as Facebook has to prove itself. Longterm if it can monetize it's assets then yes it could grow to a $200billion plus company however that is a speculative trade at this point. I'm more bullish on stocks like Apple and Google which represent far better Read more [...]
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