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How to Profit From Falling Gold, Silver and Commodities

A Timely Dialog Between Martin D. Weiss and Larry Edelson by Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D. and Larry Edelson The list of commodities slammed by global selling is growing by the day. Meanwhile, the list of sovereign countries and giant banks downgraded by major rating agencies is also getting a lot longer — 15 megabanks downgraded by multiple notches in one fell swoop ... Spain downgraded to the brink of junk territory ... India and its banks also risking a downgrade to “junk” ... plus Italy, Read more [...]

Millionaires Cut Back on Investments of Passion

Australia has 180,000 millionaires... However this number shrunk by 13,400 in 2011 Here is an interesting article on the number of Australian millionaires and what they invest in. One interesting statistic is that the percentage of young millionaires, under 45 years old, is 38% in the Asia Pacific region versus only 15% globally. Opportunity abounds. To join the ultra wealthy millionaires you need $30 million plus in assets. The reality though is that every Australian needs to become Read more [...]

Are leaders born or made?

No one is born fully equipped with the skills and strengths to become a leader. Some are naturally gifted, like Tiger Woods or Roger Federer, however both of these world class athletes, and others like them, have still had to develop the required mindset and skills to become leaders in their sports. In reality, there are many who are born with immense talent yet never achieve a fraction of the success of those mentioned above. The same occurs in business and government – organisations which Read more [...]

US Property Markets Continue to Heat Up According to Bloomberg Businessweek (3rd June)

Realtors, and our own US Property team, are continuing to see trends that support the US Property Market is heating up. The most recent month of data available, according to the National Association of Realtors, reports that US residential property sales, of $1million and higher, rose by 7.2% in March from a year earlier. Demand has been rising amid a recovery in financial markets, especially for high end homes, according to Paul Bishop of the Realtors Group. Stephen Shapiro, Co-Founder Read more [...]

Do We Have Free Press And A Democracy In Australia? And The Fairfax Saga Continues by Jamie McIntyre

According to Treasurer Swan, Gina Rinehart becoming the major shareholder in Fairfax is a threat to democracy. I find this interesting. Is this the so-called democracy where the majority elected Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, was sacked by minority union factions who dictate to the Labor Party? Is this the so-called democracy where Gillard, when finally sent to an election, was clearly voted against by the majority of Australians yet she remains Prime Minister? Is this the so-called democracy Read more [...]

Building an Army of Facebook Followers and a Social Media Business

Facebook is proving to be a powerful medium for businesses to grow their customer base - even without advertising with Facebook ads. This successful example below shows how by not even having a website, but simply a Facebook fan page (which is free at this point), businesses can generate a lot of customers. To learn more about being a successful entrepreneur reserve your seat at an upcoming event: Financial Education Summit Brisbane, September 15th - 17th Business Read more [...]

The Death Of Fairfax

With Fairfax laying off 1,900 workers, is this the death of Fairfax and print media? Some would say yes. Dinosaurs like Fairfax in particular, have huge overheads built for print media business, which struggles to compete with smaller, faster, low-overhead digital media companies. And like a slow moving ship, for them to restructure will be costly and timely. Could it just be the death of traditional media? Or is Fairfax’s left wing rhetoric also causing a faster readership drop than Read more [...]

What Australians Want – Interesting Poll Findings

Australians are strongly against a Carbon Tax and support foreign short term workers according to a recent Lowy Institute Poll. Original article by the Lowy Institute Poll Results of the Lowy Institute Poll highlight: 62% of Australians are in favour somewhat, or strongly, of foreign short term workers being allowed to work here if companies can't find enough workers. 63% are strongly, or somewhat, against a carbon tax. The poll displays a more cautious shift in attitude to global warming. Read more [...]
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