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Current Government’s Economic Management Plan To Stay In Power

Some people think, at times, I'm a little bit overcritical towards our inept, current government. I beg to differ. Perhaps the more tax you pay, the more passionate you become about the sheer incompetence and wastage by the current mob in Canberra. Let's not sugar coat that the Gillard Government’s economic and political strategy is copied right out of a Socialist 101 hand book, How To Destroy A Country Economically, In Record Time. They take from the wealth creators via: • Mining Read more [...]

Socialism Made Me Broke And Capitalism Made Me Rich PLUS Why China, Russia And Brazil Will Dominate Economically And The West Is In Decline

I love travelling. I love economics. I love observing human psychology and also cultural psychology, the collective psychology of an entire nation. And I love finding solutions to obvious problems, because they generally require nothing more than strategic, intelligent thinking and a large dose of common sense. The same strategic, intelligent thinking and common sense I used to turn my finances around from almost bankrupt in my 20s to self made millionaire. And it’s the same thinking I Read more [...]

How A Simple Mining Tax Could Have Worked, If Only The Government Had Listened To Steve Jobs

I just finished writing my latest book '101 Lessons The World Can Learn From Steve Jobs,' and it reminded me of one of his favourite quotes, which I share with my seminar audiences regularly because it's critical to achieving results. Steve quotes Leonardo da Vinci who said, “Simplicity is the greatest form of sophistication”. This is why Apple products are so easy to use, because Steve lived by this ethos. If only our current government had listened to these wise words when scheming how Read more [...]

Turnbull’s NBN rebuttal

Original article by Malcolm Turnbull, 24 Jul 2012, re-published on Technology Spectator: "Reading through Stephen Conroy’s transcript from Meet the Press, I was struck by how he continues not to engage in any of the real issues surrounding the NBN. So I thought I should repeat a few key points. 1. The Coalition is not going to destroy or (as Conroy alleged) sabotage the NBN. On the contrary we will complete the national broadband network and do so sooner, cheaper and more affordably for Read more [...]

What I Would Do If I Were Facebook PLUS How To Get A Valuable Business Education (That’s Helped Many Make Millions) For Free

If Facebook were smart it would take advantage of its high valuation and buy into quality, profitable businesses that are currently undervalued. It's one of the smartest ways a company can instantly profit. Think back to the dotcom days when companies with no sales were valued in the billions… If they were smart they could’ve taken their sky-high valuations and bought profitable, traditional companies, (even mining companies that were valued very low back then) acquiring them cheaply. Then Read more [...]

Best Selling Aussie Author Reveals Success Secrets of Steve Jobs And Sir Richard Branson

A 20-year search for the answer to an overriding question has led self made millionaire and best selling author Jamie McIntyre to pen two new books about two extraordinary men, Steve Jobs and Sir Richard Branson. “Why is it that people can grow up in the same country, have the same opportunities – even the same family – go to similar schools and live in the same economy, yet some individuals can excel and outperform financially, while others, often capable and intelligent people, fail miserably Read more [...]

Aussie Self-Made Millionaire Shares His Strategies In Brisbane

“People need a financial education, not a financial planner.” This is the message 21st Century Education Founder and CEO, Jamie McIntyre wants to get across to all Australians at the 21st Century Financial Education Summit in Brisbane, September 15th – 17th. The rural NSW farm boy’s story is an inspiring one. McIntyre was flat broke, on the edge of bankruptcy and sleeping on a mate’s couch in Sydney because he couldn’t afford to pay rent. Remarkably he turned it all around and became Read more [...]

He Took A Struggling Company From Unknown to a 2 Billion Dollar Success!

Our latest speaker took an unlisted, struggling, unknown company… and turned it into an ASX200 global innovator valued at over $2 billion. Bet he’s got something interesting to say, wouldn’t you agree? Peter Bond is the owner and CEO of Linc Energy, the only company in the world to have combined UCG (a coal conversion technology called Underground Coal Gasification) and Gas to Liquids technologies to make cleaner synthetic diesel on Australian shores. In March 2011, he personally drove Read more [...]
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