Monthly Archives: October 2012

Fortunes lost in the balance

THE utopian dream of 20 years ago, where every Australian could afford a decent retirement, is rapidly fading. Read more [...]

Here comes the property market rebound (but don’t tell the doomsayers)

We're into the last few months of the year and our property markets haven't crashed like the overseas doomsayers and many in the blogosphere predicted Read more [...]

The millionaire matchmaker

While some may scoff at the idea of the rich and famous being unable to find a date, Trudy Gilbert has been able to parlay this unusual social phenomenon into a successful elite dating agency. Read more [...]

Buffett feels positive and healthy after cancer

Warren Buffett says he is feeling fine more than a month after finishing his prostate cancer treatments. The 82-year-old chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway said on Wednesday during an interview on CNBC that the treatments were tiring. Read more [...]

Branson space project -‘Virgin Galactic’ delayed

British billionaire Richard Branson says his space tourism project keeps being pushed back and isn't sure of an exact date for the first launch. Read more [...]

Apple unveils the much awaited iPad mini

Apple has unveiled a smaller version of the iPad, venturing into the market for smaller tablet computers dominated by Amazon, Google, and Samsung. Read more [...]

VIP Invitation to the Last Property Express Weekend for 2012!

Will you buy property before the next boom? Or will you wait until the property cycle moves into an upturn and pay a premium? Or will you just sit on the sidelines watching everyone else make a killing? Read more [...]

Is there another Property Boom coming for Australians? by Jamie McIntyre

A few months ago, it seemed unlikely that such a question would be posed in the near future. Since 2007 we have often heard property sceptics such as Professor Steven Keen and US economist Harry Dent amongst other analysts claim an impending 40-60% crash in Australian Property prices. Read more [...]
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