Monthly Archives: January 2013

Jamie McIntyre on Craig Thomson Arrest

In response to the infamous Craig Thomson arrest this afternoon; entrepreneur, media proprietor and self-made millionaire Jamie McIntyre who is an advocate of a new 21st Century Political system commended the police for not being intimidated by the mafia like unions in Australia. Read more [...]

US property to continue growing in 2013 says Jamie McIntyre

As predicted by economists and property investors, the US housing market that crashed to the bottom after the Credit Crisis has not only started a recovery but is also considered as the primary driver of economic growth in 2013. Read more [...]

Featured in Forbes ‘Education Today: The Value of Investing in Yourself’ by Jamie McIntyre

Do The Wealthiest Entrepreneurs Value Education? Throughout history, the value and significance of obtaining a University degree has been seen to be irrelevant by some of the world’s wealthiest entrepreneurs writes Jamie McIntyre. Read more [...]

Jamie McIntyre Makes it on Forbes

Do The Wealthiest Entrepreneurs Value Education? Jamie McIntyre's article on the need for a 21st Century Education System published in FORBES! Read more [...]

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in Australia in June 2013 for Jamie McIntyre’s Financial Education Summit

Arnold Schwarzenegger- a connotation for strength, perseverance, talent and success will be gracing the stage as the key note speaker at Jamie McIntyre's Financial Education Summit in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne on June 12, 13 and 14th respectively. Read more [...]

Jamie McIntyre Predicts Australian Housing Prices will Rise by 10 per cent

Some so-called property experts have been predicting that the housing market in Australia will crash. Nevertheless, reports, statistics and a very reasonable analysis by Stephen Koukoulas in the business spectator indicate otherwise. Read more [...]

Are Fancy University Degrees Always the Path to Success? Asks Jamie McIntyre

A recent article by Steven Schwartz in the Australian Financial Review raises a very salient point about the value and significance of obtaining a University degree. Schwartz points out the fact that a University graduate will not necessarily make more money than a non-graduate. Read more [...]

Dotcom re-enacts raid for launch party

Kim Dotcom speaks at the launch of his new website, Mega, at his mansion at Coatesville, north of Auckland, on Sunday, Jan. 20, 2013. (AAP Image/Sarah Robson) Read more [...]
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