Monthly Archives: February 2013

Should laws be passed to limit the power of unions? by Jamie McIntyre

I would like to see laws passed to limit the power of unions and therefore reduce their abilities to abuse their power and cause further extensive damage to the national interest. Read more [...]

Forget Gonski- we need a 21st Century Education by Jamie McIntyre

The government does not need to spend more on education, instead the country needs to adopt a 21st century education system writes Jamie McIntyre. Read more [...]

My Heart Belongs To Branson – Valentine’s Declaration from a burlesque artist

Australian burlesque singer, Sapphira and her group Sapphira's Showgirls, Ms Hunny Pottz, Kitty D’Vine, Laydee Bombay and Viola Heartbreak have made a declaration of love for leading business man and entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, founder and Chairman of The Virgin Group on Valentine's Day. Read more [...]

Socialism vs. Capitalism by Jamie McIntyre

Jamie McIntyre writes about how socialism made him broke and capitalism made him rich. Read more [...]

Glen tycoon Jamie McIntyre brings Arnie to talkfest

A FORMER Glen Innes man, Jamie McIntyre who is a multi-millionaire and rubs shoulders with some of the most recognisable people in the world, has engaged Arnold Schwarzenegger as the main speaker at a series of summits he is conducting in three capital cities. Read more [...]

‘Ways to Improve Australia #2: Government spending should be removed from the control of politicians’ by Jamie McIntyre

Australia needs an Independent Board such as the Reserve Bank Board to oversee government spending. I strongly feel of all the 101 Ways To Improve Australia I have listed in this book, this is perhaps the simplest and most effective way to improve Australia. Read more [...]

‘Ways to Improve Australia #1: Create a new political system’ by Jamie McIntyre

The creation of a new political system is a radical concept, but why have political parties at all? Do our current political parties really serve the citizens’ interest in the most effective way? Why not have elections or referendums based on policies, not parties. I mean, do we agree with all the policies of our preferred party? Of course not. Read more [...]
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