Monthly Archives: March 2013

2013- Is it shares or property? by Jamie McIntyre

That is a question I frequently get asked. It can be a bit like the Holden verse Ford debate? Even though everyone is different, however, after financially educating over 550,000 people from over 17 different countries over the last 15 years I have seen clear patterns of what has made a large majority of my investor clients the most amount of money. And that is property investment. Read more [...]

Is Rudd good for Australia even if he failed as a Prime Minister? by Jamie McIntyre

Australia could in fact be better off if ex Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is brought back as the leader of the Labor party, despite the fact that Labor is still not likely to win the election. Read more [...]

Will Australia benefit by turning Northern Australia into a Special Economic Zone? by Jamie McIntyre

The vision to develop Northern Australia and the opposition’s consideration to implement those plans is an essential step towards the economic progress of the country. Read more [...]
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