Monthly Archives: July 2013

McIntyre leads Barnaby Joyce in latest poll for New England seat

A poll conducted by the Glen Innes Examiner on the 16th of July reveals results stating that McIntyre is leading in the race for the seat of New England with 38 per cent votes and Barnaby Joyce following at 27 per cent. Read more [...]

Rudd allegedly faking up to 660,000 Twitter followers, if only his other numbers such as the $274billion government debt were fake too

Should voters be concerned regarding which politician has the most fake twitter followers considering Social Media Experts claim almost all celebrities or politicians have fake followers. Read more [...]

21st Century Australia Party Approved by AEC

21st Century Australia has finally been approved by the AEC and is now listed on the Australian Electoral Commission website. Read more [...]

Coles and Woolworths market dominance needs to end by Jamie McIntyre

21st Century Australia's policy regarding the market control by Coles and Woolworths is clear. Their market dominance needs to end. Read more [...]

Why are we creating a non-working poor class instead of traineeship level wages to save industries? by Jamie McIntyre

Why are we creating a non-working poor class when we desperately need to lower wage costs in Australia and create more jobs in order to save industries such as manufacturing? Read more [...]
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