Monthly Archives: September 2013

The myth that Labor saved Australia from a Recession and the Global Credit Crisis

There is still a small percentage of Australian voters who believe the nonsense spread by the former Rudd/Gillard Government stating that Labor leaders including ex-Treasurer Wayne Swan saved Australia from the GFC thus saving us from a recession. Read more [...]

Jamie McIntyre’s analysis of the New England election results

There is a saying in trading: "Don't go against the trend, the trend is your friend". This means that the trend politically around the country and even more so in New England was a huge move away from Labor and Independents and towards the Coalition as clearly evidenced by the election results . Read more [...]

Jamie McIntyre speaks at the NSW Parliament about his vision for Australia in 2050

Founder of 21st Century Australia and candidate for the seat of New England, Jamie McIntyre spoke at the NSW Parliament last night about his vision for Australia in 2050. Read more [...]

Can a healthy economy and a healthy environment co-exist?

The great moral challenge of the 21st Century I believe is to develop a healthy environment and a healthy economy. We must ensure both can co-exist in order to avoid major problems in the future. Read more [...]

Why Foreign Investment in Australia is not a bad thing

Indonesia's plan to joint venture and invest into Australian Farms isn't a bad thing. The issue of foreign investment into Australian farms needs to be balanced. Read more [...]

Jamie McIntyre’s analysis of the 2013 Federal Elections

With Labor's Primary vote slumped to the 30s, it is possible that we may never see a Labor Federal Government for several decades to come, if ever. Read more [...]

Where will Australians live when the population rises to 40 million in 30-40 years?

Australia will grow rapidly in the next 30 to 40 years and the correct measures must be taken to ensure the nation can handle the population increase. Read more [...]

The government needs to declare all taxes

The government needs to be transparent and declare all government taxes in sales of products and services. Read more [...]
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