Monthly Archives: October 2013

21st Century – one of the first few businesses in Australia to start accepting Bitcoins

As the controversial digital currency Bitcoin makes its way into businesses all over the world, 21st Century Education and Media group of companies will be one of the first businesses in Australia to start accepting Bitcoins. Read more [...]

McIntyre attempts to purchase BRW

Fairfax's rapid decline or rather bullet to the foot has resulted in them closing down the print edition of one of their most reputable magazines BRW and resorting to what one of their journalists refers to as the 'magical digital uplands'. Read more [...]

‘How to Buy Ten Properties in Ten Years and Make $10 Million’

Jamie shares his story and strategy of how his earliest millionaire mentor 20 years ago shared with him a simple plan to buy ten properties in ten years and he'd be worth over $10 million within 20 years.As hard as that seemed to believe for Jamie at the time, he followed his mentors advice and in the 1990's began buying property and eventually exceeded his mentors plan. He also realised that the average Australian may not think ten properties in ten years was possible, but even if they Read more [...]

8 things you need to know about the new iPad Air

Following the highly anticipated launch of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, last night Apple launched two new versions of the iPad, iPad Air and a new iPad mini. With the increased competition in tablets starting from Nokia to Microsoft Surface and Samsung, the stakes are high for Apple. Has it struck gold with the new upgrades and model? Well, we leave that for our readers to decide. However, here are some features that you would like to know about the new iPad Air: Read more [...]

7 Reasons why BitCoin is Here to Stay

The sticker reading “BitCoin accepted here” on the glass door of many stores, is a reminder time again that the BitCoin is here to stay. And the plot deepens as the FBI shuts down the Silk Road website, also known as a version of eBay’s for drug dealing. Read more [...]

How to own 10 properties in 10 years and make $10 million

I have been bullish on property as an investment strategy for as long as I can remember. Most average Australians believe they need to win Lotto and pocket say $2 million to retire. Read more [...]

The age of arrogant journalists is over – 21st Century belongs to the rise of bloggers

Has anyone ever wondered how and why is it that generally low-paid people in society such as journalists (no offence to quality journalists) can wield so much power via the media to make or break companies or individuals and/or shape, filter and frame the way we see the world? Read more [...]

Why don’t we outsource infrastructure projects overseas to countries such as China?

Australia must invest heavily in infrastructure to support the growth of the economy and increase prosperity for all Australians. Read more [...]
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