Monthly Archives: February 2014

Electoral bosses quit over WA debacle- comments by Jamie McIntyre

THE Western Australian Senate vote debacle has claimed two senior scalps at the Australian Electoral Commission. Read more [...]

How Nelson Mandela evolved as a strategic leader

One of the world’s greatest leaders, Nelson Mandela’s recent demise has once again reminded us of the legacy he left behind. There is a lot we can learn from the life and career trajectory of Mandela and in an attempt to immortalise some of those valuable lessons, motivational speaker and author of 15 books including bestseller What I Didn’t Learn at School but Wish I Had, Jamie McIntyre has written and published a book about the leadership lessons we can learn from this great achiever. Read more [...]

21st Century Australia Party Founder Jamie McIntyre says a crackdown on union abuse and corruption is long overdue

During the past two years there have been many allegations against union officials – some of which are before the courts – including misuse of member funds, standover tactics, kickbacks, bribes and secret commissions. Read more [...]

Jamie McIntyre opens up on ASIC Parliament probe

Australia’s corporate regulator will come under the spotlight in a parliamentary hearing starting on Wednesday. Read more [...]

AEC involved in questionable suspect behaviour, says Jamie McIntyre

21st Century Australia Party Founder Jamie McIntyre says: ‘if people think that the AEC is just incompetent and not involved in more questionable suspect behaviour, then they are naïve’. Read more [...]

Charlotte Dawson’s death calls for stricter cyber bullying laws

Former model, fashion journalist and media personality, Charlotte Dawson took her life after a long battle with depression. Read more [...]

Australian Digital and Print Media Company to launch Bitcoin magazine

Digital and print media company, 21st Century Media is launching an online magazine called Bitcoin Inc. scheduled to be released in Newsagents by late March. With Bitcoins becoming one of the most talked about phenomenon in the world of finance, 21st Century Media will be one of the first few companies to launch a digital magazine informing and educating readers about the new digital currency. Even though there is a lot of scattered information about it in the blogosphere, Bitcoin Inc. aims Read more [...]

Australian company to pay salaries in Bitcoin

An Australian Education and Media company is one of the first organisations to start paying some of its employees’ salary in Bitcoin. As the digital currency takes the world of finance by storm, an increasing number of people are showing keen interest and eagerness to invest in Bitcoins. An easier way to obtain this crypto-currency is to get it partly in the form of a salary and 21st Century Media and Education Group of Companies is one of the first to recognise and implement this procedure. Due Read more [...]
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