Bitcoin ATMs to be launched in Australia

Original Article by Kritika Seksaria at 21st Century News
Posted on December 30th, 2013



An Australian Bitcoin Exchange is set to launch Bitcoin ATMs in Australia starting with Melbourne.

With Bitcoins revolutionising traditional monetary transactions, Australia based 21st Century Bitcoin Exchange is the first company to set up a Bitcoin ATMs in the country.

A spokesperson from 21st Century Bitcoin Exchange said they would also begin discussions with the government shortly regarding proposed plans for regulating the Bitcoin market someday as they believe regulation is not only good for the emerging industry but will fuel its acceptance even further.

The company, which recently established a Bitcoin Exchange in Australia, ( is backed by 21st Century Media and Education Group of Companies and US Company International Operations LLC.

Sources reveal that they are also introducing a certification in Bitcoin trading and are hiring Bitcoin brokers to accommodate the surging demand.

The Bitcoin Exchange is the brainchild of 21st Media and Education Group of Companies’ CEO-Jamie McIntyre.

McIntyre, who is also the author of the book ‘How to become a Bitcoin Millionaire- Is this the Currency of the Future’, told Sky News recently that he has been bullish about the digital currency for sometime and started telling clients to buy from the time it hit $120 earlier this year. Bitcoin has now broken past the price of gold at $1242 recently and is trading still as high as $1000 per Bitcoin.

McIntyre partnered to launch a Bitcoin Exchange in Australia due to high Bitcoin demand from his 500,000-investor clients. McIntyre explained that he has been bullish on the new currency because he believes it could realistically hit $10,000 next year.

“I have been telling my investor clients to buy Bitcoins ever since it was around $120. I am still purchasing Bitcoins even though it hit $1200 recently, as I believe it is no longer unrealistic to say that it can hit $10,000 or higher.

“Sure its a speculative investment but it already has been the most successful investment ever seen to early stage investors i.e. a $10,000 investment 3 years ago would now be a $200 million fortune or a $1million fortune, a year ago”.

McIntyre, who is hosting Australia’s first Bitcoin Global Conference in Melbourne, on March 28th and 29th said he is in discussions regarding having the Winklevoss twins, (who shot to fame for suing Facebook), as the headline speakers at the event. The twins invested $11 million into Bitcoin a few years ago and are believed to be some of the largest holders in the world of Bitcoin.


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