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Who is the Conman now Senator Sam Dastyari?

I had the fortunate or unfortunate opportunity to meet Senator Sam Dastsryi late last year when I was invited to submit ideas at the Senate Committee Hearing on financial services advice.  I was somewhat naive to think that I would be engaging with intelligent individuals in him and Senator Nick Xenophon. I was bitterly disappointed with both, and more so with Senator Dastyari. I soon realised I was dealing with a Senator that had little financial intelligence and no idea about financial Read more [...]

The Likes Of Trump And Palmer Are Not The Solution To Political Change, Says Political Party Founder Jamie McIntyre

  The world desperately wants political change- unfortunately billionaires like Clive Palmer and Donald Trump are not the answer, says Political Party Founder Jamie McIntyre I was able to meet with the Former Director of Mossad in Tel Aviv recently during a Trade Mission to Israel and he shared his views of the current geo political environment. He said he was an optimist, however, he believes that World War III is already happening. “It's a covert war and most don't recognize it”, Read more [...]

Political Party and Think Tank Founder Jamie McIntyre Explains a Simple Solution to World Economic Problems

The solution to world economic problems is simple- borrow money while interest rates are low for quality infrastructure spending, says political party policy and think tank founder Jamie McIntyre. McIntyre recently returned from a Trade Mission to Israel to research the country’s successful high tech start up sector. He had the opportunity to meet with the Deputy Governor of Israel Bank, Former Director of Mossad and even Australia's former youngest Minister Wyatt Roy. When interviewed Read more [...]

11 Reasons Why Israel’s Start Up Tech Sector Is So Successful And Why Australia Will Never Catch Up To It

Best selling author, educator and founder of 21st Century Australia Think Tank and Political Party Jamie McIntyre was interviewed from Tel Aviv Israel recently where he was a part of a Trade Mission of high net worth Australians looking to invest into Israel's High Tech sector.   He said the group had the chance to not only learn from some of Israel’s top entrepreneurs but also from Australian entrepreneurs such as Seek Founder Paul Basset who runs VC fund Square Peg, which heavily invests Read more [...]

How to Generate $50,000-$100,000 Per Month Cashflow Property Portfolio Without Having to Own a Single Property with How to Have Ten Properties in Ten Months

Or, for beginners, how just one property with this strategy can generate $5,000-$10,000 per month cashflow within 90 days or less. For Seasoned Property Investors: How to accelerate your returns and growth in your properties beyond belief! Plus: How to build a virtually no money down cashflow property portfolio without even having to own a single property. This type of program has never been taught ever before and you'll soon see why! It's a brand new strategy and Read more [...]

21st Century Australia’s Policy Could Eliminate Unemployment in Australia

Our policy would eliminate unemployment in Australia almost completely, says 21st Century Australia founder Jamie McIntyre.  “I have often questioned, in a rich country like Australia, why is there any unemployed at all? “We have the wealth to fund the employment of every single able Australian and it would reduce the massive welfare bills and social service bills, which are going to swamp Australia's entire current tax revenue in the not so distant future. “Paying people to not Read more [...]

The property boom isn’t over, it’s just getting started- says leading financial educator 

Leading financial educator, Jamie McIntyre says those who think the property boom is over could be mistaken. He said there are four key drivers that are now kicking in that can't be ignored.  1. The Reserve Bank lowering the interest rate to 1.75% and the banks following suite. This will boost the property market, especially as interest rates are going to be low for a long time.  2. Inquires  from Chinese  are on the rise.  The Weekend Australian reported on May 7th 2016 that Chinese buyers Read more [...]

I’ll help you make $40,000 or more in 90 days if you then agree to donate 10% of it to Charity . Deal?

  Help Jamie raise $1 million for charity - Actually he is going to bribe you Jamie McIntyre explains how! So are you ready to make at least $40,000 in the next 90 days   Here is how it works:    There are certain financial strategies that have enabled the average person to do this. They are people that have studied my 21st Century Homestudy Program where I reveal how.   Normally Read more [...]
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