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16 More Ways to improve Australia by 21st Century Australia Political Party and Think Tank

Adding to its 25-point plan released in 2013 and it’s 21 policies in 2016, 21st Century Australia’s founder Jamie McIntyre has released further policies.  1. Apart from the removal of State Governments, voters being able to vote online and direct vote for major policy, the think tank wants three year terms extended to minimum four year terms to avoid the lack of action from the constant campaigning. 2. Total Tax Reform including modelling of the 2% Debit Tax. 3. A Royal Commission Read more [...]

America should be friends with Russia, says Australian Political Party Founder Jamie McIntyre

 America should be friends with Russia and only warmongers wish to stop them from becoming allies, says Australian Political Party Founder Jamie McIntyre.   The left is meant to support peace, not war. Yet, both left wing supporters and left wing media in America continually oppose Trump’s efforts to become allies with Russia and unite in the fight against ISIS. This is for several reasons. George Soros- a key war monger and stooge for the military complex wants war with Russia, Read more [...]

Why are those who oppose war (the left) so easily fooled into supporting those who are for war (such as Clinton)?

I must admit I am flabbergasted by the people holding street protests in the US against the Trump Presidency whilst crying over Hillary Clinton losing the election. They are meant to be against war, however, they are apparently so brainwashed by the leftist mainstream media that they are willing to push the world to the brink of war. I can understand that they have been brainwashed by left leaning media since the day they were born, but I heard an outspoken former US Marine recently state Read more [...]

Australia has the inefficiency of a third world country, says anti-establishment Political Party Founder 

  Recently, ANR interviewed founder and leader of 21st Century Australia Party, Jamie McIntyre, regarding his comment that ‘Australia has the inefficiency of a third world country’. ANR wanted McIntyre to elaborate on what he meant by the above comment. McIntyre explained: “One of the reasons we are hopelessly uncompetitive in the global market place (and only have the wealth we do because we are blessed with an entire continent that has natural resources, but a tiny population) Read more [...]

Leading  Financial Educator’s Property Hotspots for 2017 

ANR recently asked leading financial educator Jamie McIntyre on his pick for 2017’s property hot spots.  McIntyre said Gold Coast remains one of his top picks and will continue to rise through 2018-2020.“The Gold Coast is changing rapidly. Tens of billions in development projects are planned and currently under way. It will become an even more sought after city to visit and live in, as it’s becoming upmarket, which is needed so it becomes more like a South Beach Miami with more class Read more [...]

Prime Minister’s Office Informed Of Serious Allegation Of Corruption Between Senator Sam Dastyari and the ASIC

Founder of 21st Century Australia and author of What I Didn't Learn At School But I Had, Jamie McIntyre recently wrote a letter to Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull highlighting how politicians such as Senator Sam Dastaryi are corruptly using ASIC to interfere in the democratic processes of Australian Politics to destroy a new emerging political party.  The letter reads: Dear Prime Minister, Firstly congratulations on your narrow victory in the 2016 Federal Election. I Read more [...]

The right to bear arms by the Founding Fathers was the right to bear a musket, not a machine gun or assault rifle-says Jamie McIntyre founder and leader of 21st Century Australia Party

I am currently in America and I am listening with great interest to the debate over gun control after the tragic Orlando nightclub massacre. It's an interesting debate and will no doubt become a major issue for this year’s US Presidential Election with Hillary Clinton on the back foot over lax immigration and Trump defending a pro gun stance. I also saw Jim Jeffries recently, the Australian comedian, who became famous largely for his satirical take on US gun laws and is worth watching Read more [...]

Financial Educator Jamie McIntyre Says The Hottest Property Market In Australia For 2016-2018 Will Be The Gold Coast

Financial educator Jamie McIntyre who is followed by many is known to have an uncanny knack of picking the timing of markets. He told his followers years ago to buy gold at $200 an ounce before it reached nearly ten times that amount. He also told his followers to buy Bitcoin at $120 before it hit almost ten times the value and US property at the bottom of the market when our dollar was close to $1.10 USD. McIntyre is now saying that the Gold Coast is the best property hotspot for 2016-18, Read more [...]
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