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I trust as a 21st Century Education Subscriber you have been busy working on your life and career to ensure you create for yourself and your family an extraordinary quality of life. Remember, most people are so ‘busy making a living they forget to live’.

My life changed for the better the day I decided to learn off those who achieved or accomplished the very results I wanted in my life and I became a sponge to the idea of constant and never ending learning.

That’s why to this day I attend seminars, read books and search for new mentors to continually raise my standards to take my life, career and business to another level. I believe no matter who you are or what you have achieved, there is always another level.

If you don’t have all the abundance you want, remember 80% is mindset and 20% is strategy. Study the DVDs and attend our educational events, not just once but ongoing and over time you will see the results show up in your life.

Despite the setbacks and obstacles we may endure at times, success belongs to those who don’t spit the dummy when things don’t go their way but rather regroup, refocus and continue moving towards their goals. That is why it’s critical to have written down goals and a strategy modelled of results.

In this edition you’ll gain access to free educational resources such as ebooks and discover brand new strategies such as; How to make up to $100,000 every 6 months through land subdivision, How to blog your way to a 6 figure income, How to build an online income with 21st Century E Network, How it may be possible to buy ten properties in ten years and make 10 million in 20, and How you could become a Bitcoin Millionaire are amongst the core strategies you’ll discover.

JAMIE MCINTYRE | CEO of 21st Century Education

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Various Australian states and territories are currently cycling very well, here is why:

  • Chronic under supply
  • A tight rental markets and growing returns
  • Immigration and the emergence of a fast-growing population
  • Australian’s generally have a high home-ownership aspiration (currently still achievable)
  • High-income financial society with a cultural prestige to be in property
  • Investor magnet for yields and growth locally as well as internationally (partially with Asian buyers)
  • Bricks-and-mortar security, and safe for investment (proved during GFC)
  • Preferential tax treatment through gearing
  • Australia has a prudential financial environment and AAA banking
  • Emergence of SMSF is putting pressure on supply and creating a new demand
Areas where we are currently sourcing property:
  North Queensland
  Alex Perry Residential
  Brisbane, Queensland
  Maddison Gardens
  Melbourne, Victoria
  100 The Park
  Melbourne, Victoria
Soon to be sourcing in the Gold Coast. Contact 21st Century Property on 1800 999 270 for property returns



$24,000 From Thin Air In 3 Months

“When we completed the seminar we began searching for an investment property in Brisbane. After looking for a few months, we purchased a house within 5km of the CBD for $281,000. To improve our rental income, we renovated the bathroom (for only a couple of thousand dollars) which increased our rent by over 10%. Three months after, the property was revalued at $305,000, nearly $24,000 in thin air profits! After building a rapport with our real estate agent, she offered us two houses on one sub dividable title for $450,000. Six months later the property has been revalued at $500,000 and is renting for $600 per week”

Jock and Amy Mitchell




Written by Jamie McIntyre on July 23rd, 2013

Jamie McIntyre who has built million dollar property portfolios for himself and his clients, shares his views on the Australian Property Market:

I am often asked about my views on the Australian Property Market and I am happy to share my belief that within the next 3-4 years we will witness another property boom.

Investors who wish to do well financially with property investing should do their best to ideally buy at least two properties as soon as possible in order to prevent missing out on this boom, and having to wait perhaps another decade to witness such growth again.

Generally, the best strategy with real estate is to buy and never sell. Over a 10-20 year period you will do well. Even if you purchase properties in the worst areas, more often than not you will still make money. However, if you buy quality property, in quality areas at a good price, then over 20 years you can become extremely wealthy.

Let’s use an example of you purchasing just two properties

For instance, if the properties are worth $400,000 each today (below the average price for most Australian houses), in ten years these properties if bought well should be worth double.

Therefore, you now have $800,000 worth of properties purchased and another ten years later could be worth $1.6 million total. You would end up making $800,000 in capital growth in the first ten years, plus receive tax benefits and rents that also tend to double every 7-9 years. Therefore, in 7-9 years these properties will be cashflow positive and the debt will have reduced boosting your equity from $800,000 above $1million.

The reality is that after ten years you basically are a self-made millionaire with $1 million plus in equity.

Let’s do another ten years to the 20 year mark: In 20 years, these two properties will approximately be worth $3.2million combined ($1.6million each) and no doubt largely paid off by increasing rents. That’s a nice retirement plan you have created simply because you got educated and took action with just two properties 20 years ago. If it seems too hard to believe research the price of property in your suburb 20 years ago and you will discover how this has happened over the last 20 years.

Critics might suggest that property doesn’t always double every ten years and they maybe right, as often it can double every 7 years or less .If that were to occur during this period you would have approximately over $6 million in property value.

However, let’s say things don’t go as planned and it takes 15 years to double because that is a possibility in an extremely poor property market and perhaps you chose a poor property. In that case, after 20 years your two properties are worth approximately $2.2 million.

Is this better than the pension plan? Or a managed fund your Financial Planner, (who probably has never invested before) has pitched to you? Or your struggling superannuation fund making your financial planner rich with the fees?

Property is by far the most superior asset class and almost every self-made millionaire in this country would agree with this. I have only ever touched shares to write calls over them (which I termed share renting) to supplement the cashflow from my property portfolio and speed up the above plan. However, property and business has always been the cornerstone of my wealth. It is best not to try and get rich from shares alone as it will never compete with real estate.

Here is the plan with property for those who want to become seriously wealthy in the next 10 to 20 years.

You don’t have to stop at two properties though. There is a ‘buy ten properties in ten years’ plan and by using that you’re growing equity in your initial properties and can use it as a deposit on a new property to continue buying 2-10 properties over the next decade.

In 20 years you can possibly have $10 – $15million in equity plus.

If that sounds too daunting or too good to be true, then you should focus on getting your first couple of investment properties. Normally the first steps are the hardest, so educate yourself and take action.

Remember, you don’t need a financial planner, you simply need a financial education. Acquiring finance or just knowing what you can or can’t afford is usually what holds many back.

Your first step should be to complete a financial fact finder in order to access some free qualified help.

However, you should avoid making obvious errors. For instance, don’t buy high rise apartments in Docklands, Melbourne or Gold Coast as they are the worst property investments.

Generally, it is best not to touch large, high rise apartments as you have hundreds of competitors on your door step and if one sells cheaply it devalues all the others. Moreover, Body Corp rates often are atrocious and a waste of money.

The other venture I’ve been investing in for last the 3 years is US Property. Why?

It is ridiculously cheap and rising in value. Also, you can access rentals of 15-20% in some places and in some cases as much as 46% p.a. in rental returns.

That is $46,000 for every $100,000 invested or $460,000 p.a. for every $1 million invested. I find 9 out of 10 properties perform, and if only 1 out of 10 doesn’t then it’s not a problem.

Don’t bother asking your financial planner about accessing these kinds of investments as they wouldn’t have the knowledge because they generally aren’t investors.

Some would also question if such an investment is risky. Every investment carries risk, yet if you are educated and learn off others who are already doing it you can lower that risk. You just have to make an effort to learn. It doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges. It just means you will need to be resourceful to overcome them.

So, will you be taking advantage of the next Australian Property boom coming along with the US housing recovery?

Your family and your country need you to become smart investors and invest into your future. It is good for you and good for our entire country and economy.

Make it happen! No excuses!!



I Doubled My Property Value

“A friend of mine gave me Jamie’s book and I couldn’t put it down. It gave me hope that maybe one day I could release my worries from the daily grind. So I signed up for the Homestudy and started about 4 months ago. So far I have just renovated our modest home which was valued at $140,000. I spent $100,000 on renovations and now its worth about $300,000. I picked up some good capital there and now am using it to secure another property which I am purchasing off the plan saving on stamp duty and giving me a good debt and tax offsets. I am really excited with this new build because I know it will pick up another $60 to $70K capital. Even though I am at very early stages with the Homestudy, it has motivated me to be more aggressive and smarter with my investments.”

Stephen Schlin


You will learn to properly subdivide land through:

  Systemised approach
  Site acquisition
  Mastering communication
  Access to Chris Freeman’s personal team
  DVD Homestudy and manual
  Comprehensive 2 day workshop

For more information visit 21stcenturysubdivision.com.au or call 1800 999 270 and speak to Chris Freeman today!



“We had already invested in several properties, but they were all negatively geared, and I saw this as an opportunity for me to look at something that is positively geared or something I can actually make some cashflow on.

I had no experience with subdivisions, so I really needed someone to mentor me and to hold my hand, to tell me how to go about the whole process, from road to go.

Chris has been fantastic, right from the beginning he explained what subdividing meant, the pitfalls, he gave a good list of what the costs involved with doing a simple subdivision were, and he helped find a property which we’ve just settled.

We both work and we’ve got 3 teenage boys, so we do need a strategy which is easy to implement while we’re still working.”

Virginia Eggleston



Maddison Gardens golf estate represents the pinnacle in luxury living for golf enthusiasts. Maddison Gardens is a place where relaxation and activity is always at your fingertips. From your from door to the golf courses and afar, there’s always something exciting for you to discover and appreciate.

Amstel Members have enjoyed the choice of two layouts, the Park course and the Ranfurlie course ‘Rated Top 60 in Australia’. The facilities and course conditions have continued to be maintained to the same high standards as expected of a member only course and therefore green fee players experience playing conditions normally reserved for members of exclusive clubs. In close proximity to a wide range of amenities and recreational facilities, Maddison Gardens is never short on adventure.

Golf enthusiasts will be thrilled to find that their new home is neighboured by the Amstel Golf Club and conveniently close to, Ranfurlie and Settlers Run Golf Courses. This exclusive, architecturally designed development boasts nearby Royal Botanic Gardens set over 300 hectares of native bush land.

With close proximity to Cranbourne City centre, transport, shopping centres and a short drive the beach, the area also offers families a multitude of schools including the esteemed Casey Grammar and St. Peter’s Catholic College.

This unique winning combination of golfing facilities, all the comforts of modern day living set in an ideal area that is experiencing some of the highest population growth in Victoria, combined with limited release of architecturally designed townhouses, is never going to be offered again.

For more information visit 21stcenturypropertydirect.com.au




Original Article by: Christopher Joyce
Source: The Australian Financial Review, 02 April 2013

On the back of some of the cheapest home loan rates in three decades, and the best affordability since 2000, raw Australian house prices have been inflating at the fastest pace in three years, according to index provider RP Data-Rismark.

Across Australia’s eight capital cities, dwelling values jumped 2.8 per cent over the first three months of 2013. On an annualised basis, this represents capital gains of 11.3 per cent. RP Data said it was the strongest rolling quarterly rate of house price appreciation since May 2010. With the exception of September last year, the 1.3 per cent capital growth registered in March was the healthiest monthly result since March 2010.

This striking house price action all but rules out near-term rate cuts in the absence of a global economic melt-down or a sudden deterioration in Australia’s seemingly resilient labour market, which I handicap as low probability events.

It also suggests that the Reserve Bank of Australia’s emergency 3 per cent target cash rate setting, which has given us the cheapest fixed-rate home loans on record and variable rates a touch above their crisis lows, is having a substantive impact. In my opinion, it is only a matter of time before this bleeds into more buoyant consumer spending.

In the March quarter home values in Perth (up 4.3 per cent), Canberra (up 3.8 per cent) and Sydney (3.4 per cent) outperformed the eight-city average while Melbourne (up 2.5 per cent) and Brisbane (up 1.9 per cent) slightly undershot. The only Australian city to record house price falls in 2013 has been Adelaide, where values declined by a modest 0.5 per cent.

Analysis by The Australian Financial Review indicates that positive “seasonal” factors likely contributed to the exceptional March quarter index outcomes. Once these are removed, the AFR’s research implies that RP Data’s eight capital city index inflated by a more subdued 1.3 per cent over the first three months of 2013. It is important to note, however, that home buyers do not observe these seasonally-adjusted changes and are likely more responsive to actual house price movements.

Based on RP Data-Rismark’s index, Australian house prices have been broadly inflating since the RBA shifted its cash rate into genuinely stimulatory territory in May 2010. Auction clearance rates have climbed in lock-step and occasionally punched above the crucial 70 per cent threshold in Sydney and Melbourne, which has historically been associated with boom-time conditions.

There is also evidence that borrowers have significant purchasing power left in reserve. In its latest Financial Stability Review the RBA revealed that Australian borrowers have over 20 months worth of “excess repayments” that have accumulated as a function of the 175 basis points worth of rate cuts since November 2011. This is the biggest buffer in over five years.

“When interest rates fall, not all borrowers reduce their mortgage payments,” the RBA explained. “Households’ mortgage buffers are equivalent to around 20 months of principal plus interest repayments at current rates. This provides considerable scope for many borrowers to continue to meet loan repayments even during a temporary spell of unemployment or reduced income.” Supereasy monetary policy has also contributed to a reduction in default rates, as we anticipated in these pages.

According to the RBA, the share of Australian borrowers 90 days or more behind on their mortgage repayments has fallen from over 0.7 per cent in 2011 to 0.5 per cent in December 2012. “The fall in housing arrears since its 2011 peak is comparable to the fall seen after the previous peak in 1996″ the RBA said.

Australia’s booming housing market is great news for the roughly 70 per cent of families that own the roof over their heads, the major banks and their shareholders, which are desperate for faster credit growth to support profits, and builders and developers, which need positive return expectations in order to commit scarce investment capital to producing more homes.

Losers include anyone who rents and aspires to one day become a home owner, and the vocal housing bears who have predicted an Australian housing melt-down.

For more information visit www.21stcenturypropertydirect.com.au

Areas where we are also currently sourcing property:
Maddison Gardens Golf Estate.
Melbourne’s cash-flow positive townhouses on a top 60 ranking Australian golf course.



$475,000 Profit In Just 4 Years!

“My wife and I completed the homestudy course and found a $500,000 property, valued at $540,000 which had a house, 3 x 2 bedroom flats and a huge shed all of which we rented out. The income nearly covered the outgoings. I reasoned that if the property was going to double in 10 years that’s a superannuation of $50,000 per annum. 4 years later, it sold for $975,000 – nearly double in 4 years.”

Carl and Stephanie Lucas



Written by Pennie White on June 20th, 2013 for 21st Century News.

Many Australians have been buying turnkey US property for almost the price of a car via Tax Lien Foreclosure, which is another method of purchasing US Property for Australian investors.

Recently a select audience had the opportunity to hear the process of purchasing through tax lien foreclosure in the US from Tyler Durgen, on the ground US property expect. Tyler shared the good, the bad and the funny from his 15 years’ experience. He explained his 9 steps to success and the 5 mistakes to avoid thus imparting the knowledge on how to acquire US properties for as little as a few thousand dollars

The laws and tax system in the US are very different to the system in Australia. Every property is taxed to pay for services such as schools. Tax foreclosures occur due to unpaid taxes. These may be property taxes, income taxes or any other taxes that may be levied on a property. If an owner does not pay their county tax for three years, the county can auction the lien with the starting bid which is equal to the unpaid tax.

The strategies and points listed below must be kept in mind before buying US property through tax lien foreclosure.

The 9 Steps to Success are:


2   1  
Previous high $76,000
Non members price $52,500
Members price $47,500
Monthly rental $750
Gross yield 18.95%
Net yield 14.21%
Annual revenue $9,000
Annual expense $2,250
Stamp duty NIL


1)  Know your investment strategy.
Would you like to buy and then sell? Would you like to buy, hold and enjoy the rental returns?
2)  Pre-register for County and City Auctions.
To be eligible to purchase tax liens at the auction you must not have any violations recorded in your name with the county or city.
3)  Review the auction list.
The auction list may be printed in a specific newspaper-keep an eye out for it and prepare in advance.
4)  Research Target Area.
What are comparable sales? What will be the likely rental return? Make sure you are familiar with the demographic information. Stay aware of areas you should avoid and find out details such as where home owners like to live and where rental vacancy rates are low?
5)  Identify Target Homes.
Make a checklist of the criteria relevant to you to identify the homes you want to target.
6)  Due Diligence.
You must check the title for any encumbrances. It is wise to also check if the property is in the Cities Dangerous Buildings list. Then you will need to physically inspect the property to see the renovation that would be required. Alternatively, you can appoint someone to do this for you.
7)  Attend the Auction.
The next step is for you or a proxy to attend the auction.
8)  Waiting period.
It takes a few months for the case to be heard and the transfer to be approved by a judge. The deed will be processed shortly after the court date.
9)  Implement strategy.
You need to decide whether you are a buy and sell investor and whether you intend on fixing the property before selling or renting. It could be wise to enlist a property agent in order to help you manage this.
The 5 Mistakes to Avoid are:
1)  You must go by the legal description or parcel number to avoid confusion about what you are purchasing. You need to know if the parcel you are buying has a house or may be a parcel or land next to it!
Would you like to buy and then sell? Would you like to buy, hold and enjoy the rental returns?
2)  Not checking the Dangerous Buildings listing.
If you do not check if the parcel liens you are bidding on is listed by the city as a dangerous building, it may be knocked down by the time you are the owner.
3)  Not checking for a Federal Tax Lien.
It can be time consuming and costly if a Federal Liens is listed on the parcel, so do your research.
4)  Bidding on the wrong property.
The auctioneer sells the liens in the order appearing in the papers; however, if a property is taken off the list prior to auction you may end up bidding on the wrong property.
5)  Getting a Bad Crew.
You need to ensure that you are getting good tradesmen to fix your property. Make sure you seek references or go through a trusted contact.





Is Bitcoin set to become the trading currency for internet transactions world wide, or perhaps even the global currency?

The word Bitcoin may not be familiar to many people; however in the not too distant future we may be using Bitcoin to pay for all manner of items, especially for Internet transactions.

Will Bitcoin completely replace our current systems of currency? 

The history of currency is fraught with countless tales of boom and bust as wars, politics and events such as the Global Financial Crisis impact. Many don’t trust the current world monetary system controlled by the Central Banks and want to see a new honest transparent monetary system. This is why Bitcoin was created. Will it succeed before our current system implodes like it nearly did in the Global Financial Crisis?

Keep ahead of the latest trends

Did you buy your Bitcoins when Jamie suggested investors consider Bitcoin? If you did, you are one of the early adapters of Bitcoin who have made an absolute killing in just a few years with Bitcoin trading at more than $120 at the time the book went to press. As of November 2013, the prices jumped as high as $900.

A decade ago gold was $200 an ounce and is now 7 times higher. A few short years ago Bitcoin was 5 cents, just $10,000 invested then is now a $150 million fortune.

Some analysts have predicted it could rise to as much as $100,000 per Bitcoin It was only $140 a month ago and hit $900 recently.

If you have not yet joined this currency revolution, it is not too late. The window of opportunity is still open, so don’t miss out!

Will it succeed before our current system implodes like it nearly did in the Global Financial Crisis? Attend our next 3 day live events to also learn more about this strategy.

7 Reasons Why Bitcoin is Here to Stay

The sticker reading “BitCoin accepted here” on the glass door of many stores, is a reminder time again that the BitCoin is here to stay.

• World’s first BitCoin ATM
In less than a day, we will experience the first tangible product related to BitCoin. Three high school friends are about to unveil Canada’s first BitCoin ATM, which will operate right outside a coffee house in Vancouver. Its purpose is to allow people to trade cash for bitcoins and vice-versa and in order to make a purchase with this Robocoin-built ATM, you must do a palm scan.

To pass the country’s anti-money-laundering laws, one cannot make transactions larger than 3,000 Canadian dollars per day. Therefore, it seems that this ATM may just pass the Canadian laws and change the way in which we look at ATMs.

• Germany, the first country to recognize BitCoin
BitCoin seems to have become the real deal with Germany taking the plunge and becoming the first country to recognize BitCoin as a real currency. However, just like every other form of currency, BitCoin must be subjected to tax as well.

Therefore, people who make transactions with “private money” will pay 25% capital gains tax, a decision announced by the federal ministry of finance, Frank Schaeffler. Still, there is also a breach as far as this law is concerned, because if you keep the virtual money in your BitCoin wallet for over 12 months and stay away from transactions, this law will not be applicable.

Another BitCoin formalisation took place in Texas, US where a federal judge declared BitCoin a legal form of currency.

• CoinDesk, the voice of digital currency
Not only does BitCoin have the law on its side, but it has an online publication where BitCoin users or prospective customers can find out the price index for conversions from BitCoins to dollars, Euros or pounds. They can also access news about technology, companies and regulation related to BitCoin along with any other information required.

This website can be seen as both a beginner’s guide to BitCoin and a useful newspaper for all the professional bitcoiners who want to find out the latest news regarding this currency.

• Ripple, BitCoin’s opponent
The moment entrepreneurs sense the smell of money, despite the fact that it is virtual, they start establishing new ways to get a piece of the BitCoin pie. This is the story of Jed McCaleb, a 38-year-old surfer who came up with the idea of Ripple, a project which uses its own currency, XRP and makes it easy for people to move any type of money. Instead of exchanges, McCaleb uses independent operators named gateways that take care of the business and deliver the authorised cash.

Ripple’s plan is to move money worldwide at a lower rate than banks or companies like Western Union. McCaleb has announced that he will give away 55% of all the XRPs, but he will keep the rest. Irrespective of the well-thought plan, we are yet to find out whether or not Ripple takes off.

• BitCoin Kiosks, also in Canada
Apart from the BitCoin ATMs, Canada will also welcome BitCoin kiosks, courtesy of Bitcoiniacs that ordered five such kiosks form the Las Vegas-based company RoboCoin. The first kiosk is yet to come, but Bitconiacs mention that there will be five of them in Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary and Montreal in a few months.

The reason behind these BitCoin kiosks is to make this currency more accessible for people. Sitting down at an office, making transactions with a professional and getting a receipt is a soothing thought that might just work. What’s more, Jordan Kelley, RoboCoin kiosks’ CEO says that the goal is to make BitCoin “truly grandma-friendly”.

Bitcoiniacs even has a website where people can book appointments, see rates and receive information about BitCoin.

• The US government is close to regulating BitCoin
BitCoin is currently under investigation since a Senate committee in Washington is set to find out whether virtual currency should be regulated. Multiple federals have been trying to create rules to oversee virtual currency operations, but this issue is still debated. Whether BitCoin will pass the mainstream concept and become a legal form of currency, we do not know.

21st Century – One of the First Few Businesses in Australia to Start Accepting Bitcoins

• As the controversial digital currency Bitcoin makes its way into businesses all over the world, 21st Century Education and Media group of companies will be one of the first businesses in Australia to start accepting Bitcoins.

Despite the debate regarding the legitimacy of this currency, CEO and Founder of 21st Century Education Group of companies, Jamie McIntyre is confident about its future and survival.

“Bitcoins have gone beyond being a fad to becoming a potential future currency”, says McIntyre.

“Just the way some people buy gold to hedge against fiat paper money, after the Cyprus banking crisis, Bitcoin has started to take off as people are losing trust in the current debt based fractional reserve banking system and the Feds’ constant printing of paper money” he said.

Currently in Australia, not many businesses have opened up to the idea, however, recently it was announced that a photography business and a pub in Sydney have started to accept Bitcoins.

According to McIntyre, Bitcoins are a good strategy for business.

“Businesses that accept the Bitcoin can potentially generate new sales, just the way they do with the Barter card. However, unlike Barter, Bitcoins can be converted into cash”.

He goes on to explain: “Therefore, it is a relatively safe currency, except for its volatility in price. Nevertheless, it has a huge upside and if only a percentage of sales are done via Bitcoin, businesses have very little to lose but a lot more to gain by tapping in to new customers.

“After studying the growing popularity of Bitcoin and why it was created, I decided that we should start using it” said McIntyre.

According to an article published in the Reuters, investment has jumped in recent months as Bitcoin, the prominent digital currency not backed by a government or central bank, has begun to gain a footing amongst businesses and consumers, a key step for it to go mainstream.

“People say it relies on trust and if trust evaporates then the Bitcoin could disappear as well.

“However, all currencies rely on trust, even the US Dollar and the fear of the US dollar collapsing, is driving Bitcoin’s popularity”, says McIntyre.

See more at: www.21stcenturynews.com.au

For more information visit www.howtobuybitcoin.com.au



“It is inevitable that Bitcoin will become a multi-trillion dollar enterprise because every other currency in the world is tied to dying central banks that are encumbered with impossible-to-pay debts and bankrupt counter-party risks. I think Bitcoin’s price will reach $200,000 per Bitcoin before Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway’s stock.”

Max Keiser,
US Keiser Report host


“I’ve got a friend who forgot he had his computer mining Bitcoins in his garage. He checked and it’s worth about $12 million today.”

Jered Kenna
US technology enthusiast



21st Century Media wants your posts and is willing to pay you for it! Did you know that Facebook is now one of the largest media companies in the world, being the largest social media company on the planet, and is now earning over $5 billion dollars per annum and worth over $100 billion dollars and growing.

Yet it doesn’t provide one bit of content itself nor as a media company hire a single journalist.

Yet unlike Newscorp or Fairfax or other media giants who have to hire thousands of journalists to write blogs i.e. articles etc to attract readers i.e. traffic it enables you to make posts to your Facebook page (your posts are effectively short articles or photos) which in turn drives traffic from your community of friends i.e. your following or effectively your readers of your posts.

This traffic gets to see ads posted by Facebook and it generates $5billion in sales and still growing. Yet it doesn’t pay you a cent for such content that you post often daily.

I, like anyone loves the Facebook concept. It’s helping reshape the world. However at 21st Century Media we to want to help reshape the world by disrupting the large controlling media industry and the out-dated education system. So they partnered with a 15 year old company 21st Century Education to create 21st Century E Network. They are offering to pay you to make posts. In fact, they are prepared to train you for a low cost to become a blogger and media partner.


Because media companies just like Newscorp and Facebook require content. They can hire journalists to write content, the 19th Century outdated media model which is dying a fast death.

Or utilise a 21st Century Media model and outsource content creation to you i.e. bloggers. Just like Facebook does but the difference is 21st Century Media will pay you and even pay you for posting to Facebook, Tweeter etc.

If you’d like to earn an extra $100 per month or perhaps an extra $1,000, $10,000 or yes even $100,000 per month as some professional bloggers are earning, discover how www.21stcenturyenetwork.com can benefit you before this opportunity vanishes forever.

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Arnold Enthrals 21st Century Crowd!

Arnold Schwarzenegger graced the stage at Jamie McIntyre’s annual 21st Century Financial Education Summit’s across Australia in June this year.

Arnold stated that he is a “big admirer of Jamie” after delighting crowds and imparting wisdom in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne over three days.

Arnold spoke about having goals, working towards them and ultimately achieving them. He went on to say: “I believe in those that have a PhD in results, like Jamie… A leader with a vision, as I am a Professor of Action myself”.

Reportedly the Perth Summit saw 1500 in attendance, approximately 2000 were present at the Sydney event and 3000 for the Melbourne event at the Exhibition Centre.

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21st Century has given me the tools I need to become successful

“Since starting your program 4 months ago my business which is 18 months old has gone from $280,000 to being on track for $896,000 with me only actively working 2 days a week. 21st Century has given me the tools I need to become successful. One of my goals is to be a millionaire by the time I am 29 (I am currently 25).”

Emmett D



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