Jamie McIntyre’s Biography

Jamie McIntyre was the founder of over 12 companies that have turned over in excess of $60 million dollars annually. With reach in industries such as Education, Trading, Accounting, Land Development, US Property, Media, Publishing, TV and in the past Finance Broking, Stock Broking and Recruitment. The 21st Century Group has grown to be one of the largest financial education resources in Australia

Today he is largely a private investor and philanthropist. He donates his time helping advocacy’s and helping be a voice for those often left undefended such as parents who have suffered loss from a child killed or injured by vaccines and the wide-scale medical involved in the Vaccine Industry. He is also passionate about Global Politics and policy ideas for Australia. He founded a policy think tank and political party “ 21st Century Australia. “He is an author of over 15 books included a best seller “ What I Didn’t Learn at School But Wish I Had “, Think and Grow Rich for the 21st Century”, 101 ways to Improve Australia and the “Great Vaccine Con”

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